OLED Universal Display
Source: Date:2018-01-05

The panel material and technology developer Universal Display hands Universal PHOLED technology and materials have been an important application of OLED ring. Universal day before Display announced that the company has signed a licensing OLED patent for a period up to 5 years and the raw material purchase agreement with Tianma microelectronics Limited by Share Ltd. Small and medium size is Chinese Tianma microelectronics and AM-OLED display manufacturers. Schematic diagram of Universal PHOLED technology. (source: Universal Display) at the end of May 2016, showing the latest OLED technology of Tianma microelectronics in the United States Display Week2016, also includes a number of display prototype. Shanghai Tianma Gen5.5AM-OLED product line in 2016 to start mass production of AM-OLED module, mainly used in intelligent mobile phone. Pegasus continues to inject Yi gold in OLED production, for commercial production capacity expansion. Universal Display, President and CEO of StevenV.Abramson said: "to be able to sign patent licensing and the long-term agreement, the supply of raw materials and Tianma microelectronics and we are a pioneer Tianma microelectronics OLED China display market. Tianma in recent years Chinese market has been developed by OLED innovation company, we are looking forward to cooperation with the Pegasus, Pegasus can make use of our OLED technology and raw materials, the successful promotion of OLED products." From a global perspective, we believe that the research, development and investment activities are very active in OLED. At the same time, the rise of OLED also can meet the consumers of light and thin, novel and quick response to the mobile phone, tablet and wearable device, vehicle display demand etc.. In this agreement, a subsidiary of Display Universal UDC Ireland Limited to provide Tianma microelectronics nonexclusive licensing of patents, including a variety of Universal Display all of the patents, for manufacturing and selling OLED display products. At the same time, Universal Display will supply to the phosphorescence emitting OLED Tianma Microelectronics Materials, and apply to the authorized products.

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