After a number of large enterprises LED read the mighty wave crashing on a sandy shore survival situation
Source: Date:2018-01-05

LED industry has never faced now such differentiation, most have begun going through the throes of transformation of contusion and bone healing, and another small part is constantly rattling to hezonglianheng, there is a potential leading industry to seize the commanding heights of industry structure in high and vigorous spirits. Because of this, we pay more attention to the past two years, LED industry and business experience in the end what pattern change, once the big giant is still alive, lighting upstart once again the direction. We combed the revenue earnings data, some representative listed companies in recent years the analysis showed that the LED differentiation phenomenon in recent years has intensified, and even become extreme, "three world" situation is more and more clear. Although some enterprises revenue rose, but the LED business proportion has declined, and some even longer as the main business. Another part of the business is double net revenue decline, of course, these are attributed to the shrinking market prices caused by declining income or grappling transformation merger costs caused by the steep rise in profits, there are different points. We selected ten Yankon, NVC, nationstar, honglitronic, acoustics, Linsen, Lehman shares, ocean Wang Zhaoming, KingSun, FSL is very representative of the listed companies, summed up in 2014, 2015 earnings data, trying to analysis in recent years the industry trend of fission. Enterprises operating income chart from 14 years and 15 years of operating revenue, the basic trend of growth and decay of the enterprise shares, but careful observation will find that large scale enterprises occupy a major share in the revenue growth, a relatively small amount of enterprises will show decline in revenue. This is also the scale of enterprises in recent years rely on cost advantage in the price war and the outcome of the high margin business. Enterprise net profit figures enterprise net profit reflects the enterprise's survival condition, says most of the growth in revenue situation, net profit has shown large decline trend, have to concern. The fierce competition in the market makes the LED price drop it down in the past two years, the high-end brand image has not been fully established, corporate profit margins further narrow, decline in net profit for the enterprise "survival" situation is not a small challenge, will further promote the industry to focus on the development of. The first quarter of 2016 net profit enterprise data data in the first quarter of 2016 reflects the industry competition "stage" enterprise performance. From the data, the gap between enterprise profit emerge, some enterprises with the transformation and achieved certain results, increased significantly. Another part of the business and profitability is lower, most in slow growth or even decay trend, it is worth pondering. Rise of the domestic manufacturing industry but also in the last 20 years, LED such a "new industry", Chinese enterprises the same as the later, in the face of the developed countries in the patent technology, the old lighting manufacturers, brand comprehensive repression, late market competition, domestic LED upstart expansion is clearly more said of an aged person. In such a long history of the lighting industry, Chinese enterprises for a long time only in the global division of labor in the industrial chain plays the role of the foundry, manufacturing advantage into the global market advantage, industrial transformation is clearly not so simple to upgrade a slogan, need to continue to do research in the brand, continued investment in the full range of a slight hesitation will become cruel market competition on the road of victims". No matter for the growth process or fall or transformation of the LED enterprise, or large-scale mergers and acquisitions expansion of lighting manufacturers in high and vigorous spirits, please and cherish. Obviously, LED industry is no longer had the "feudal rule" of the economic situation, the "new normal" and industry competition let companies come to pass, the front is the LED brand and the value of the new round of competition.

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