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Source: Date:2018-01-05

Financing status of three new board business in the end how? According to reports, the new board has experienced rapid expansion, growing in volume in 2015, a significant sign of which is the ability to significantly enhance the new board financing: the share transfer system released data show that in 2015, the new board annual stock issuance times is 2565, the amount of financing amounted to 121 billion 617 million yuan, the total amount of financing is not only far more than in 2014 the new board (only 13 billion 209 million yuan), an increase of 8.2 times (at the same time, the growth rate was 2.26 times the number of listed company); more surpassed the gem (China Securities research reported that the year 2015, the gem issuance size of funds raised 115 billion 630 million yuan). First half of 2016, although the new third market implementation given additional matters more than 1500 times, the total funds raised amounted to 67 billion 134 million yuan. But according to the Oriental Wealth Choice data show that from the monthly data, in November 2015 the new board financing amounted to 24 billion 473 million yuan, while in December the amount of financing is shrinking rapidly, only 11 billion 558 million yuan, a decline of more than 50%; since 2016, the new board single month financing level failed to restore the previous peak period in January this year, ~4 month, three new board single month the amount of financing is always maintained in the range of $about 10000000000, especially in the past May, the single month financing amounted to 8 billion 769 million yuan, has been less than 10 billion yuan. This shows that the new board financing gradually entered the "winter" (from the China stock market after the second half of last year, an unprecedented big crash with the decline in valuation, the capital market financing function is also weakened). But with the gem financing compared to the first half of this year, the new board of financial results are not too bad. According to the Oriental Wealth Choice statistics, the first half of this year a total of 80 GEM companies to complete the private placement financing, total financing amounted to 90 billion yuan. And related statistics show that net financial enterprises financing, the first half of 2016, the new three business financing amounted to 69 billion 800 million yuan, while last year was only 20 billion 400 million yuan. That is to say, compared with the same period last year, more money flows to the real economy this year. So what the industry more easily in the new three board into the money? The answer is information technology and cultural media industry. According to statistics, excluding the financial sector after the first half of 2016, the amount of financing of three new board more than 100 million companies a total of 140, raising the total to 38 billion 925 million. From the industry point of view, the information technology industry to finance 8 billion 334 million yuan, ranking first (in fact, do not deduct the financial industry but also such a situation); culture media industry financing amounted to 8 billion 180 million yuan, ranking second; ranked 3-5 in the industry are the basis of chemical, pharmaceutical and bio mechanical equipment. Then he pointed out the status quo, three new board market trading has been the new three board market trading activity has been heavily criticized. As of the first half of 2016 (June 30th), three new board listed company a total of 7685, the transaction records of "zero" listed company reached 4747, accounting for more than 60% (61.77%), and the transfer agreement "under"; and in the remaining 2938 transaction records company, transfer for agreement on the transfer of a total of 1406, accounting for 47.86%; transfer to the transfer market making a total of 1532, accounting for 52.14%. According to the Oriental Wealth Choice statistics, in the first half of 2016 120 trading days, only 56 stocks in the new board continuous transaction records, accounting for 0.73%, among them, 53 only to do the transfer market, 3 only to the transfer agreement. At the same time, the continuous transaction records of 56 stocks, the first half of the total recorded gains of only 4, respectively, Yingpairui Ren Hui, biological magnetic video and small white dragon; the rest were recorded a decline in the search network the most tragic decline, the cumulative decline of 78.26%, Kaili Germany and the Lexus environmental cumulative the decline was over 50% in. From the volume point of view, several times recorded a single day turnover first lianxun securities, there is no suspense in the first half of 2016 the new board turnover top, a total turnover of more than 20 shares, but the first half of the cumulative decline of more than 20%; in the second place Weidong environmental protection, accumulated turnover of 1 billion 200 million shares, the first half of the year fell 38.26%. In addition, while including the securities in the East China Sea, Silicon Valley paradise, a total of 10 stocks trading volume of more than 100 million shares. Turnover from the perspective of securities transfer by agreement in the East China Sea, with 5 billion 350 million yuan of total turnover, turnover of the top ranked three new board; lianxun securities take second place, a total turnover of 5 billion 23 million yuan; et environmental ranked third, the cumulative turnover of more than 40 yuan. A total of 168 new board stocks in the first half turnover of more than 100 million yuan. Note there are three new board layer, according to the relevant standards, in June 24, 2016, the national stock transfer company announced the final list, there are 953 enterprises to enter the first layer of innovation. According to statistics, the formal implementation of the hierarchical management from July 1st to June 27th the share transfer system in the implementation of the first week, innovation of company stock turnover was 1 billion 690 million yuan, accounting for the week total turnover of 3 billion 455 million yuan 49%; in the first week of stratification, three new board market trading activity increased significantly, the average daily turnover increased by 48%, the average daily turnover an increase of 28%. Finally from the overall development trend of the new board, we can see that the new board will undoubtedly be Chinese multi-level capital market development of the fastest, the largest number of companies with a capital market. As of June 30, 2016, three new board listed the number has more than 7500, to 7685, compared with 5129 last year increased 2556. Just half of the increase number has reached the 70% increase in 2015. In the case of other factors constant, according to this trend by the end of 2016, three new board listing the number of entrepreneurs is expected to impact the "10000". Second, the total market value of the new board is expected in 2017 exceeded the total market value of the gem. At the end of 2014, the total market value of the new board is 459 billion 100 million yuan; the end of 2015, the total market value of the new Board reached 2 trillion and 460 billion yuan, an increase of 5.35 times; in 2016, the total market value of the new board is expected to exceed 5 trillion. In 2014, the total market value of the gem up to 2 trillion and 490 billion; in 2015, the total market value of gem is the highest of 6 trillion and 810 billion, an increase of 2.73 times; in 2016, by the end of July 13th, the total market value of the gem is about 53 thousand and 100 yuan, not to fall. It is expected that if the gem IPO still can not expansion, no change, according to the current development trend, the total market value of the new board is expected in 2017 exceeded the total market value of the gem. A discussion on the future development direction of: the experience and Enlightenment of 1971 Nasdaq, NASDAQ (full name of the National Association of Securities Dealers Automated Quotation System) in the establishment of a national OTC, is used to display market (OTC market, also known as the counter trading market) price quotation system does not provide the selection of securities, trading service, stock trading is realized by the maker of the terminal. 1975, the NASDAQ listing standards and set up the first set of OTC market distinguish, as an independent listed place, which is regarded as the first layer of nasdaq. In 1982, according to the Nasdaq stock market and trading activity from the original listed company selected 40 outstanding companies, into the newly established NASDAQ Global Market (NasdaqGlobalMarket), and supporting a higher standard of listing. The layer (second layer) from the Nasdaq stock market is small and micro enterprises market to the upper market development has laid an important foundation. From 1990, the NASDAQ OTC become separated, with functions of IPO trading places. In 2006, due to Microsoft, Google and other companies have emerged, the Nasdaq market capitalization of listed companies gradually beyond the NYSE, and in July of that year the higher listing standards, set up the NASDAQ Global Select Market (NasdaqGlobalSelectMarket), the listing standards basically copied the NYSE listing standards, namely "pre tax profit" index, "market + income + cash flow index" and "market + income index, but the threshold value is slightly higher. The layer (third layer) by public auction system. "First into lower level market, and then gradually to establish the top market" is followed by Nasdaq layered rules. From the development of the NASDAQ 40 years, multilevel internal market establishment is not one, layered refinement of the market, dig out the potential of the company at a low level in the market, providing high-quality resources for the high level of market potential.

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