British NVC as a "development model The Belt and Road"
Source: Date:2018-01-05

"NVC" to seize the enormous opportunities The Belt and Road 'strategy for enterprises to create and bring the help NVC achieve global expansion in five years to achieve the global lighting industry three recently, the author learned from relevant sources, by the trade association of Tsinghua University released the "UK" and The Belt and Road "case report 2016" freshly baked, report to "The Belt and Road along the existing project showed a synergistic effect between the UK and Chinese company as a standard, a classic case of a selection of 21" pilot and demonstration ", including HSBC selected, the London Metal Exchange, British Petroleum and other British companies; including" precision in understanding the localization of business success and the "The Belt and Road' essence, and the outstanding achievements of the" China Mobile, Alibaba NVC, Beijing construction group China enterprises. NVC is China lighting industry only selected brands. In the report on the NVC chapter, clearly three reasons are: one is selected localization. The report said that in 2007 the NVC air plant in Britain Bermingham, now has been fully integrated into the UK, no different from other British company's mode of operation. Products in the local assembly, in the local sales or to the local base "The Belt and Road along the country's export sales, the company management, sales, assembly workers are using the British local staff (NVC UK only a Chinese employee). Almost 100% of localization (UK) management team in NVC become the basic reason for the rapid development of the country. Investment is two. The report said, NVC has a large number of investment from the parent company, the capital invested as land, construction, capital operation and start-up costs. At present, the company has been profitable. The three is brand promotion. The report is called "NVC has a professional lighting brand, commercial and industrial areas are recognized and respected. The use of British management expertise, the company China way 'in the area along the "third market export business is booming". According to statistics, in 2015 the British NVC company completed sales of 29 million 500 thousand pounds. 2015, CBBC in the compilation of relevant reports, and the British Foreign Ministry jointly published a 2015 report, namely "The Belt and Road: new opportunities" China and outside the region, known as the "practical guide from a business perspective to really understand Belt and Road Initiative potential". In September 2015, the British "super President Xi Jinping state visit", the report by the chairman of the China Britain trade association as a gift to Lord Sassoon was sent to the president xi. This is the second report. 2016 report by adding more China elements, by Tsinghua University and the China Britain Business Council jointly compiled and published, with higher authority and credibility. The contents of the report include the case include: China with Britain in third markets already in the cooperation project, the company will China British company as a platform (industry and technology to benefit from British talent, manufacturing) to provide services for the third market project; and the British company to provide professional advice and services to help companies operating in unfamiliar Chinese business environment. It is reported that, the trade association was founded in 1954, is a non-profit trade supported by British government and industry promotion agencies, to promote bilateral economic and trade cooperation with China UK companies for the mission, "The Belt and Road" strategic enabler and important partners. Before, because of the localization strategy and super excellent prospects for development, NVC also received the British Ministry of Commerce issued by the "best foreign enterprise award". China in British business counselor Jin Xu during a visit to Britain, NVC fully affirmed the people-oriented business philosophy and strategic goal of respected China enterprises, encourage the market in the UK actively expand share, establish a good image of Chinese lighting brand. Morgan, Consul General of the British Consulate General in Guangzhou visited the NVC said that the British government and the Consulate General in Guangzhou is willing to support and assist the NVC increase investment in the UK, the British Open lighting market, and is expected to introduce more advanced technology and NVC products to the uk. "Belt and Road Initiative" strategy proposed by President Xi Jinping in 2013, brings the huge opportunity for Chinese and countries along the common development, has been highly recognized by relevant countries and enthusiastic response. According to expert interpretation, "The Belt and Road" along the population accounted for 2/3 of the world's population, accounted for only GDP of world GDP 1/3. "The Belt and Road" is open, is across Africa, Asia and Europe wide circle of friends even ring. "The Belt and Road" is diverse, covering all areas of cooperation, cooperation in various forms. "Belt and Road Initiative" is a win-win, mutual participation, follow jointly sharing principle, to achieve common development and prosperity. This road is not a private path, but we work along the road. "The Belt and Road" has to have a keen sense of smell the smell smell. NVC chairman Wang Donglei believes that the "The Belt and Road" is a national strategy, take the stage for enterprises, enterprises can make a broader vision, a bigger stage, while the Dongfeng NVC, to "good wind force, send me on". In 2015, China ambassador Liu Xiaoming met with NVC chairman Wang Donglei in London, he affirmed the achievements of NVC in the UK, and actively promote economic and trade cooperation to encourage China and Britain, to increase overseas investment, to win broader overseas markets, "said NVC is a good example of Sino British economic and trade cooperation success". In "The Belt and Road" construction, NVC has a clear blueprint for the internationalization of the layout, and to the overseas market localization strategy to make a demonstration. As a model of Chinese enterprises to open up the British market, NVC is not only in China, in the international arena also provides some experience for China more outstanding enterprises to go abroad, to establish the brand in the overseas business system provides an excellent sample of cases of global competition. According to the British broadcasting television interview BBC reports, NVC has developed rapidly in the UK, is a successful case China enterprises investing in the UK, is the successful occupation of the British market a dark horse. The classic case of NVC, boost more enterprise vision into reality, to bring business opportunities at the same time, drive from Asia to the Middle East, from Africa to Eastern Europe, "The Belt and Road along the country's construction and development. It is reported that NVC has, the whole industry chain resources, to light environment experts the spirit of the pursuit of the ultimate products, promote the innovation of science and technology, art and aesthetics. This is in the community for NVC's highly recognized and respected, it is proved that the strength of NVC, to. In "The Belt and Road" under the guidance of NVC in the global scope of the rapid advance of brand localization strategy. Currently in Brazil, the Middle East, Australia, Southeast Asia, focusing on the layout of the company, set up business offices in more than 40 countries and regions around the world, the focus of the layout of the global market. According to Wang Donglei said, NVC will seize the great opportunities "The Belt and Road" strategy for enterprises to create and bring the help NVC achieve global expansion, to achieve the global lighting industry, the top three in five years. The overseas market more and more promising, of course, more challenging. According to the engineering construction in the case of NVC, NVC Belt and Road Initiative construction, construction completed numerous enough load commerce and civilization project: history of the London 2012 Olympic Games, the 2010 World Cup in South Africa, 2014 Thailand ABG, 2015 Milan, World Expo and other large events lighting suppliers, provide lighting services. Of course also includes major sports lighting project in China, such as the 2008 Beijing Olympic Games, the 2010 Guangzhou Asian Games, the 2013 Nanjing Youth Olympic games.

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