2016 "fortune" the world's top 500 list released: PHILPS / Samsung lighting company list
Source: Date:2018-01-05

Recently, "fortune" magazine published the 2016 Fortune Global 500 list, the top three countries for WAL-MART, Power Grid Corp and China petroleum corporation. "Fortune" the world 500 strong, has been regarded as a mirror of the global economy, the top 500 has been a large measure of the world's most famous and most authoritative list, known as the ultimate list, released by a "fortune" magazine. Is the lighting industry (or related to the LED field of enterprise), Samsung Electronics (No. 13), Hon Hai (ranked 25), Ge (ranked 26), SIEMENS (No. 71), Matsushita (No. 128), LG (No. 180), Schneider electric (ranked 354), Royal PHILPS (No. 368), TSMC (ranked 403), arrow (No. 455) were named to the list. These enterprises on the list of some belong to the field of electrical lighting, and others involved in the semiconductor and semiconductor equipment field. , Foxconn headquarters in Taiwan to 942 billion yuan precision operating income ranked twenty-fifth in the world, become the Chinese people holding the highest ranked private enterprises. China Taiwan integrated circuit manufacturing Limited by Share Ltd on the list, $26 billion 575 million in revenue last year. Fortune 500 companies on behalf of a country's economic strength, is one of the nation's largest economy "name card" of the 2016 "fortune" the world's top 500 list of the full interpretation: 1, the number of companies on the list Chinese continue to grow to 110: China finalists the proportion of enterprises over 20% (including 7 companies in Taiwan and the United States), the number of enterprises to close finalists. 2, before 5, China company occupies 3 due to oil prices, PetroChina and Sinopec fell sharply, but still occupy third and fourth. Although the national grid operating income fell 2.9%, but compared with the two major oil companies fell less, but the ranking jumped to second place. 3, 13 Chinese mainland companies on the list for the first time, including the Jingdong, Vanke: 13 Chinese mainland companies on the list for the first time, including e-commerce company Jingdong group, home appliance giant Midea Group, Wanzhou International food giant, and three real estate companies: Dalian Vanke, Wanda, hengda. 4, Jingdong is crazy! BAT did not enter the Fortune 500 Jingdong by revenue, is stunned to squeeze in: Science and technology enterprises, the Jingdong for the first time on the list, ranked 366th, its operating income was $28 billion 847 million. Chinese also became the first and only fortune 500 Internet companies, Internet companies China breaking the long-term absence of the global 500 list of the situation. And three giant BAT, Alibaba, Tencent, Baidu operating income reached $20 billion 920 million threshold, failed to enter. In addition to Jingdong, and China electronic technology and beauty of two domestic technology companies, this year for the first time to enter the list. Alibaba in fiscal year 2015 revenue is only $12 billion 293 million, Tencent in 2015 revenue of only about $16 billion 500 million, about $10 billion 700 million in revenue for Baidu, is not into the world top 500 threshold. 5, Vanke first to enter the world top 500, Wang Shi sound: now in equity battle Vanke, in that for the first time to enter the world top 500, but also the emergency release of the good news. 6, Hengda is the global real estate industry to enter the world's top 500 fastest private enterprises: in just 20 years, Hengda entered the top 500 of the world's door, it is to break a new path for rapid development. 7, HUAWEI won the first list of domestic technology companies: HUAWEI this year's ranking has been greatly improved, from 228 last year soared to 129. HUAWEI won the domestic technology companies list the first results, ranking ahead of 99, first opened its qualifying and lenovo. Last year China cool union leader HUAWEI and Lenovo, seeing more and more big gap this year. 8, WAL-MART ranked first for three consecutive years: 2015 revenues of $482 billion 100 million, up slightly by 0.7%. 9, Apple Corp: the only top 10 in revenue to achieve positive growth of the company. Apple ranked ninth, 2015 operating income rose 27.9%, is the only top 10 in revenue to achieve positive growth of enterprises. This is Apple's first top 10. 10, foreign star technology company rankings change: Apple Corp rose from 15 to ninth, Samsung Electronics ranked thirteenth, and last year; Amazon from 88 rose to 44 from 53; HP rose to forty-eighth from ninety-fifth; Microsoft rose 63; Google rose 30 to 94; SONY up to 3 to 113. 11, Fortune 500, 363 is the negative growth in the world's top 500 companies, only 137 companies in 2015 to achieve annual revenue growth, the other 363 companies are negative growth. A large number of enterprises of negative growth reflects the global business in trouble. Chinese, 12 enterprises, ten year growth of nearly 5 times the number of companies on the list Chinese: in 2016, after the United States, ranked second, and in recent years the number of Japanese companies in the top 500 of the year on year decline, only 52 this year. Germany, Britain and France, the three major European economies, a total of 84 companies on the list. 13, textbook said "insisting on public ownership" is not just a list: the vast majority of state-owned enterprises, enterprises in the list of mainland enterprises. A list of the top second enterprises in the mainland: the national grid, the third oil revenues of $329 billion 600 million; 2992, fourth 2943 fifteenth 1672 industrial and Commercial Bank of China Sinopec. The highest ranking mainland private enterprises is HUAWEI, revenue of $62 billion 800 million, in 129th. State Grid, Sinopec and PetroChina, HUAWEI revenue of nearly 5 times. 14, China list of industry distribution companies on the list reflects the economic Chinese deformity, short board, and non competitive. Chinese listed businesses mostly still distributed in the fields of petroleum, finance, electric power, iron and steel, automobile, coal and nonferrous metals. These industries or to the monopoly in the field, or belongs to the field of excess capacity, or to big losses. Today, China great efforts to capacity and eliminate the "zombie" companies in the campaign, these finalists Fortune 500 enterprises, undoubtedly represents the short board Chinese economy, and non competitive. 15, China banking profit monopoly, the world's most profitable companies in the top 5, is Chinese big four monopoly. Profitability this year, apple to $53 billion 400 million profit of more than ICBC, to become the world's most profitable company. But the world's most profitable company in 2 to 5, dominated by the four line of the China construction workers in agriculture ". According to statistics, the 500 finalists China enterprises, which 10 banks, 10 banks profits reached $about 180000000000, accounting for the list of 103 Chinese mainland enterprises total profit 55%. 2016 the world's top 500 most profitable companies in 50 1.2%VS49.3%: China compared to the United States, the world's top 500 enterprises in 2015 GDP revenue accounted for a greater proportion of worth mentioning is that China GDP in 2015 was 67 trillion and 670 billion yuan, equivalent to that $10 trillion and 130 billion, total revenue of 110 companies on the list for $6 trillion and 200 billion, accounting for in 2015 61.2% of the total China GDP. The total GDP US $17 trillion and 230 billion in 2015, in order to calculate the list of enterprises accounted for 49.3% of the total GDP. 16, service, science and technology enterprises listed a handful of representatives in the field of economic competitiveness in the future. Over the years, although the United States, Japan, South Korea and even the top 500 enterprises declined year by year. Japan's 2016 listed enterprises is only 54, less than half of the China, but the industry distribution, these countries listed businesses are basically in the areas of retail, electronics, Internet, modern manufacturing, medical and other representatives of modern economy in the future. The China finalists of the enterprise, despite the giant Jingdong this year, home appliance giant Midea, food giant Wanzhou International finalists, but overall, oil, electricity, telecommunications, steel, and other monopoly or semi monopoly enterprises still become the biggest economic fundamentals Chinese. 17, Chinese housing prices accepted number of the world's largest China economy over reliance on real estate. In the 110 listed companies, the real estate sector has a number of enterprises reached at least 17, which in all countries, is certainly the most.

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