Shenzhen LED industry chain upstream to fight
Source: Date:2018-01-05

Recently, the innovation of science and Technology Committee of Shenzhen city issued "notice about carrying out the enterprise research and development funding plans to declare the work" (hereinafter referred to as the "notice"), the content that belongs to the "high-tech" national key support research and development projects, the audit, according to the research and development of actual investment, policy to a certain proportion, a maximum of 10 million the support post. The LED lighting industry in the high-tech fields supported by the state, it means that some LED companies can get financial support from the government in this declaration. It can be said that Shenzhen concentrated LED industrial cluster and the largest, the LED package, display, lighting product quality, production and export volume ranks in the forefront. According to GSC industry monitoring data show that in 2014 the total output value of LED industry in Guangdong province reached 346 billion 6 million yuan, an increase of 23.09%, the scale of the industry ranked first in the country. Shenzhen LED output value scale among the nation's industrial GDP from 18 billion yuan in 2008 has increased to 133 billion 566 million yuan in 2014, ranked first in the province, the province accounted for 38.60% of the total output value. The LED value of far more than other areas of Guangdong. At present, Shenzhen is the largest LED package and LED display domestic production base. With this advantage, Shenzhen won the "Chinese LED industry development of Guangdong, Guangdong LED industry of Shenzhen" reputation. Although the great industry situation of Shenzhen LED, but there are professionals that LED companies generally small scale in Shenzhen, more than 50 million yuan in output value of less than 1000, and some of Shenzhen's listed LED company's annual turnover relative to other high-tech enterprises also have relatively large differences in the development of the market under favourable conditions for example, some listed companies, Chau Ming technology, Lehman photoelectric, KingSun, Mason technologies, alto technology company turnover is better in terms of lighting to achieve more than 100 million yuan, the market environment is not good, the listed company's annual turnover of billions of dollars is not. At the same time, Shenzhen's LED companies mostly in the industry chain downstream, low value-added products. Reporters learned that some small businesses, small workshops accessories are not strictly controlled, random assembly began after the sale, cater to consumer market demand for low price lamps. If things go on like this, LED lighting products are getting worse, there is no innovation, no independent design, no quality assurance, all this can not guarantee the copycat, the rapid development of enterprises. The LED lighting industry chaos. Back to the previously mentioned government subsidies, said in a 2014 report by the National Audit Office, there are many LED enterprises through false reporting of data for government subsidies together thousands of yuan. There are people in the industry said: "the government project is not open, can be opened for 3 years". This also means that the government subsidies are how great attraction for LED enterprises, led to some enterprises too much emphasis on relying on government subsidies, but ignored the company's core products. This also led to a class specifically for enterprises to declare government subsidies for companies. The enterprise pays too much attention to financial subsidies is the result of LED products and disorderly competition, inferior product is popular, this should be seriously affected the vicious spiral, with high-tech LED industry's image, undermine the market environment. It is understood that the current domestic LED industry in the price system, product specifications, technical standards, industry standards and government policies at all levels are not mature enough. And The core technology of LED in China is mainly in foreign countries, once the core technology is blocked, will suffer the crowning calamity. If you encounter such a situation, the government had good and generous subsidies, it would become the industry kill poison, causing a lot of overcapacity, ultimately hinder the development of technology. In a few years ago, a Guangdong Provincial People's Congress proposed that government subsidies should support the development of LED enterprises, promotion rather than support for LED products. "Promotion to the market, let the market to choose, choose the market is the most." The deputies said. And the Shenzhen Municipal Science and Technology Innovation Committee issued the "notice", the government subsidies mentioned is set up for the study of the development of enterprises, is the "notice", the government is also trying to "red flower". In addition, the government in the approval process also should be careful to prevent some companies forged filings in the reporting process for government subsidies. For some LED enterprises, enterprises should correct their attitude, government subsidies is important, the core of enterprise development is in the product, the LED industry itself is high-tech industry, China because of late start, no accumulation of technology, if the enterprise continuous improvement in technology, but crazy to it a hormone, then the enterprise will only be fragile like greenhouse flower. So for the LED technology industry that, overcome the problem of the LED industry, need is in product technology and application of innovation on a step forward. State for energy saving and environmental protection seriously, to vigorously promote the development of the whole industry, so for LED enterprises, this is a good time, but as long as the products do, return to the product itself, the enterprise is not afraid of no great development!

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