Source: Date:2018-01-05

According to the day before the news, research firm IHS Technology released 27 forecast report, 2018 intelligent mobile phone with OLED panel shipment amount will be the first time beyond the current mainstream LCD panel, the main apple (Apple) iPhone new aircraft is expected to adopt OLED panel, which is expected to bring significant changes to the panel market. IHS estimates, 2018 intelligent mobile phone with OLED panel shipment volume will reach $18 billion 600 million, compared with 2015 will surge 75%, the LCD panel shipments is expected to decline 15% to $17 billion 600 million. The intelligent mobile phone factory in Korea, Samsung, and HUAWEI etc. Chinese manufacturers using OLED panel, but with apple iPhone may use the global high performance intelligent mobile phone, in the future the trend will be more obvious OLED. On shipments, the intelligent mobile phone LCD panel shipments will still be much higher than that of OLED intelligent mobile phone, intelligent mobile phone LCD panel estimates in 2018 shipments will reach 1 billion 323 million, OLED (intelligent mobile phone shipments in 2018 is estimated at 558 million) more than 2 times the level.

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