Our marriage with OSRAM what you don't know?
Source: Date:2018-01-05

Recently LED lighting industry the biggest news is the three party joint investment team Linsen (hereinafter referred to as "Sen union") to 400 million euros (LEDVANCE, M & a Lund Vance OSRAM lighting business transactions), which means that in the industry make a cross-border acquisitions raise a Babel of criticism of a key drop hammer, a several times the twists and turns of acquisition so far has come to an end. News, industry veteran Peng Yinshui bluntly: "congratulations on our successful mergers and acquisitions, but the road is still far off?" OSRAM in the rejection of "burden" for this transnational acquisition, Peng Yinshui believes that the need to look at more rational. "From a variety of information including the disclosure announcement, in fact, the core and the most valuable business is still in the hands of OSRAM, OSRAM, the sale is the" burden "of actual business, it is in the rejection of a" burden "for the acquisition of businesses is not worthwhile." He said. Peng Yinshui firmly told reporters that the above view has also been confirmed in its communication with OSRAM Chinese within the district personnel. "They think it sold to Commonwealth Linsen which basically belongs to the traditional business, although the LED lighting this part, but this part is basically in Chinese OEM, it can be said that the sale is part of intense competition, not too high value-added business basically." Not long can use international brand Landes Vance according to the agreement with OSRAM, OSRAM will continue to use the former at the product level (OSRAM) and America xiwannian (SYLVANIA) brand, but there is a very key problem is not the use of OSRAM brand years, including the Sylvania brand is not long use. Before I learned is the OSRAM brand only 10 years, but according to OSRAM internal staff revealed that Landes Vance to use the OSRAM brand as if only two and a half years, not more than three years. If so, the value of mergers and acquisitions worse." Peng Yinshui not hide the not optimistic. He further said, not as good as Lenovo's acquisition of IBM, it took five years and finally into the IBM brand Lenovo's own brand in the international market, the many consumers still can not accept the new brand. "If the North American Sylvania brand can be used for a long time there may be some value. Because China enterprise or other foreign enterprises to enter the U.S. market, the United States companies will take some local protectionism, they first is to sue you, then you can not be sold in this country, but the Sylvania brand is different, there is a certain basis in this country, they are easy to achieve sales." Peng Yinshui from OSRAM internal staff was informed that when using the OSRAM brand in Landes Vance is OSRAM can not use a separate LOGO, need to OSRAM and Landes Vance two brands exist at the same time. In other words, when the acquisition of Landes to Vance Linsen to use the OSRAM brand, to OSRAM and Landes Vance two brands at the same time on it. A perfect acquisition? For this merger, silver Peng a conservative and pessimistic attitude, do not think this is a good buy. In Peng Yinshui's view, the parties are in the description of some foreign evade the crucial point in favor of their own stock price rise information. "Most of their short-term stock price can play a certain rise, even may have soared. Most of the investors are irrational that bought a big cake, but the real reason people should go about this matter." "As OSRAM throws traditional general lighting business, the business performance is certainly continue to decline, and in the process of continuous decline, some see the rewards will eventually will be more low. From the combination of acquisition Linsen, I think more likely is the concept of speculation, in order to prop up share prices." Peng Yinshui said. He further pointed out that there is a considerable sales data to push global ranking third M.L.S. position, but this number must be dynamically, it is a process of decline, it is difficult to stabilize rawlinson. "I understand this subject over the actual merger!" During the interview, Peng silver water repeatedly stressed that the "brand service is the core of the key, the transaction price of 400 million euros, if the rich content is not expensive, but there is no brand service that I understand the long time not more than 10 years, according to Teruo Shiro internal staff little possibility of more than two and a half years." Peng Yinshui said that the acquisition of the case and meet the eye everywhere, age and some relative core technology, some companies still in the acquisition range. "However, this is not the acquisition of MLS to OSRAM's core business, is pure people to abandon or think that this part of the business head no additional value, but a bit value is probably the Sylvania North American market." In a takeover is not long-term use of international brands, there is no international brands of these core values on the inside, this acquisition will be perfect?

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