Delineation of the national development strategy roadmap "three steps" of power network construction
Source: Date:2018-01-05

Recently, the office of the CPC Central Committee and the State Council issued the "outline of national development strategy" (hereinafter referred to as the "Outline"), presented information through the process of modernization in China has great potential, accelerate the release of information, using information technology to drive the modernization, accelerate the construction of the network power. This, deputy director of the state Internet Information Office of the State Office Zhuang Rongwen said in a press conference yesterday, the "Outline" to regulate and guide the next ten years, the development of national information programmatic document. "Three steps" of the construction of the network power in today's world, information technology change rapidly, the wave of information technology to digital, networked and intelligent as the characteristics of the booming. The global information technology has entered a new stage of full penetration, cross-border integration, accelerate innovation, leading the development of. Who occupy the commanding point in the information, who can grasp the opportunities to win advantage, win, win the future security. This, "compendium" put forward the strategic goal of "three steps" of building the network power. First step, by 2020, a key technology in some areas has reached the international advanced level, greatly enhance the international competitiveness of the information industry, information technology has become the leading force for the modernization drive. Second, to 2025, built a mobile communication network leading international, fundamentally change the heteronomy key technology situation, to achieve the strategic objectives of advanced technology, industrial development, application, leading network security impregnable, the emergence of a number of powerful international competitiveness of the large multinational enterprise network. Third step, by the middle of this century, a comprehensive information supporting the construction of a modern socialist country prosperous, democratic and civilized and harmonious, the network power status increasing, to play a greater role in leading the global information development. "This is the development of national information delineated roadmap." Industry experts say. E-government or breakthrough government and public service departments hold large amounts of data resources, data information is the largest production, collection, use and release unit. In this regard, the "Outline" clearly put forward to deepen the work of e-government. NDRC Secretary Li Pumin introduction, from the current situation, the value of the data has not been fully developed, but the government has given a high degree of concern and attention, from three aspects to accelerate the work of e-government. The first is to strengthen data resource management, priority open domain data. Accelerate the establishment of government information resource directory list, to ascertain the government data on family property, in accordance with the "increment in advance", strengthen the management of each department data, overall management at the national level; promote the development of open government data plan, the establishment of safety responsibility mechanism, the implementation of departmental data opening and maintenance responsibilities, clear all department data open time node and route map. "Priority to promote the people's livelihood security service and related data open to the public, including credit, transportation, medical, health, employment, social security, geography, culture and education." Li Pumin said. Second is to establish and perfect the relevant laws and regulations, to achieve the greatest degree of open data. Li Pumin said, to revise and improve the regulations on open government information, promoting government data in the principles of risk control as open as possible, clear the rights and obligations of open data, and open data responsibility. Give full play to promote the development of big data of the inter ministerial joint meeting system, strengthen the post evaluation of government informationization project and project review, strengthen the audit supervision, open sharing of data quality and safety of data resource construction and data. Third is the standard system to establish an open government data platform, to achieve a unified open. Li Pumin said, China will build a unified and open government data portal in 2018 before the implementation of government data resources for the one-stop service of open society. At the same time, the establishment of government data acquisition quality assurance and safety management standards as soon as possible, strengthen the standardization of open government data in all aspects of society, convenient use. IT industry to accelerate the localization of information security development information must ensure safety. Zhuang Rongwen said: "the network and information security is one of the wings, the two wheel drive, to achieve a coordinated, go hand in hand, to effectively prevent, control and resolve the possible risks in the process of informatization." According to the introduction of the industry, with the rapid development of cloud computing and mobile Internet, more and more businesses choose to carry out the information in the cloud, cloud computing security issues facing the increasingly serious. Vulnerabilities, viruses, unknown threats attack is increasingly frequent and intelligent based on cloud security protection difficulty also grow with each passing day. This ChinaNetCenter, chief security officer of the European Center for Disease Control and Prevention said in an interview with reporters, considered from the perspective of national security, only to establish a fully independent, safe and controllable IT system, the information security in their own hands, in order to ensure that the national network security and information security. Domestic IT industry is the fundamental way to protect information security in china. In addition to economic security, network security and greater scope. Zhuang Rongwen, not long ago, China issued the anti terrorism act, and is the development of network security, this is an important measure to maintain network security, national security. Next, Chinese hope in the network to strengthen cooperation with other countries in the world in the fight against terrorism. "Network security is a concern and concern all over the world, the problem of network security, the world which one country can be spared, need to work together, the world countries to strengthen cooperation, jointly safeguard Internet security, the fight against cyber terrorism." Zhuang Rongwen said.

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