China LED product manufacturing to overseas customers focus on product security
Source: Date:2018-01-05

As everyone knows, the domestic market and overseas market consumer concepts for different customers, so the purchase of products is not a natural focus. Domestically, the price may be the factors most customers consider first, followed by the product quality, brand, service and other factors, the high price is the pursuit of the perfect customer. However, overseas countries, customer focus first is the quality of the products, such as stability, design, brand and so on, followed by the price of the product. However, only those overseas customers attention? He told reporters in an interview with the Shenzhen Qianhai trust Photoelectric Technology Co. Ltd. is a new marketing director LED display, from overseas markets, product quality, brand and other factors, the "Chinese manufacturing", overseas customers has also paid special attention to product protection. "Chinese manufacturing" has always been an important issue in China, held in Beijing in July 23rd to "independent innovation" as the theme of the second session of the Chinese Manufacturing Forum discussed a series of problems in "China manufacturing" and the future road. We know that Chinese manufacturing exists the problem of big but not strong. In this forum, Liu Baicheng China academician pointed out that one of the main problems of China's manufacturing is big but not strong key technology is the lack of core. He believes that Chinese manufacturing "four base" is facing serious challenges: key based high-end equipment required for raw materials, key parts of advanced technology is heavily dependent on imports, lack of extensive application, there is no guarantee of basic technical support. Therefore, our country manufacturing these problems, is bound to make overseas customers to buy LED display products made in our country is very concerned about the product security. So, China is a manufacturing country, how to solve these problems? China Machinery Industry Federation President Wang Ruixiang believes that we must pay attention to the following points: one is to strengthen the ability of basic research, the two is to establish joint research and innovation system for national economy major special production equipment, the three is to develop high-end equipment, accelerate the establishment of innovation system, the four is to promote the integration of the two, give full play to the "Internet plus" resources, the five is the government and relevant departments to create a good environment. The only way to change the China manufacturing "big but not strong situation, make big and strong. The vendor LED display in China, remove these, also can be more carefully in the customer service service products, such as many enterprises in overseas markets have 24 hours of service to solve customer problems. In addition, many companies also set up overseas branches and offices, to overseas customers more security, making them more secure to use Chinese manufacturing products, make our overseas market bigger and stronger. In "Chinese manufacturing" although there are a series of problems, so that overseas customers to buy our products on the product protection more attention. However, because our country attaches great importance to this issue and the efforts of manufacturers and other reasons, these problems can be solved in the country as well as the joint efforts of major companies, in order to safeguard the interests of customers, let them rest assured that the use of manufactured products Chinese. I also believe that through innovation, "Chinese manufacturing" also will go to big and strong direction, LED display China manufacturing will be more and more competitive in the international market, bigger and stronger in the overseas market.

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