Crystal electric adjustment capacity, integration of resources, the biggest turnaround
Source: Date:2018-01-05

By the market of Taiwan LED epitaxial pile up in excess of requirement, leading crystal power plant in order to reduce operating costs, in addition to adjust production capacity, and will be a subsidiary of Guangjia and canyuan are combined to facilitate resource integration group, EPISTAR spokesman Zhang Shixian pointed out that the crystal electric hope by the adjustment of productivity and resource integration, the production of better profit the product, the biggest turnaround. Zhang Shixian said that at present the company's strategy is to integrate resources, centralized production line production, the second quarter revenue of 6 billion 540 million yuan (NT), compared with the first quarter growth of 8%, the third quarter with the coming season, with capacity utilization rate increase, further revenue growth space. The legal thought, because of their crystal electric for some of the products ranging from 10~40%, with the elimination of old machine, centralized production line cost savings, improve the efficiency of production in the third quarter, EPISTAR have a chance to end the deficit by the turnaround, but the year is still hope to profit, have to wait after next year the new product line to have a significant contribution. In fact, optimistic about the infrared LED industrial uses and high power applications, crystal electric this year four yuan LED and the full development of automotive products, including LED display screen, infrared automotive lighting and other products, in the first half of this year as support angle to the revenue and profit of the. At present, crystal electric four yuan MOCVD (metal organic chemical vapor deposition) machine is about 40 units, production capacity is full, in order to expand production capacity, and no additional capital expenditures, will be part of the old blue crystal electric machine change four yuan machine, the third quarter is expected to be added to the production, is expected to be put into operation about 20~30% production capacity increased by four yuan. As for the blue light output of 25% from last year, the MOCVD machine is about 375 Taiwan, because blue crystal electric products accounted for the proportion of revenues of 70~80%, with the order back to temperature, the current capacity utilization rate of more than 9, corporate forecast third quarter gross margin rose to 2 digit opportunity. In addition, EPISTAR also actively develop new products, including automotive lighting lamp market automotive products, is expected to have the opportunity to enter the new models of supply chain in 2018.

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