15 keywords development situation in the first half of 2016 LED trade secret
Source: Date:2018-01-05

I used to think time is too slow, the day is very busy, now feel the time flies, caught up with high-speed rail. This does not, another half of 2016. This said to accompany LED spent the first half of the year, witnessed the growth of LED phase to stable phase now, LED seems to have lost the vitality. But looking back on the first half of the year, found in the wave of mergers and acquisitions, the price war, the change of LED had summed up is 5 big blue ocean market and 4 largest market keywords, 3 competitive technology, change 2 product status and 1 new words. 5 big blue ocean market car LED recent price war LED profit fell sharply, forcing enterprises to seek high margin platform. Due to national car factory carbon reduction policy, purchasing demand pulled, car LED attracted many enterprises to participate, but because the threshold is relatively high, the current in LED enterprises temporarily at a minority, but as the technology matures, the number will gradually increase. According to the latest research green energy division LEDinside TrendForce's 2016 Q2 show that all regions of the world car market growth faces slowing down, but the light bulb from the traditional transition to LED trend continues, more mature markets continue to import the high proportion of LED, emerging countries also gradually follow up. Estimated 2016 exterior lighting LED market value of $1 billion 570 million, 2016~2020 compound annual growth rate of 6%. UV LED indubitability, UVLED in the first half of 2016 LED industry is pocketed the face. As a high margin market, attracted many enterprises to increase investment. In addition, Seoul and Japan Nichia semiconductor installed and other foreign enterprises to vigorously layout, but also attracted a number of harmony like Jason, crystal, Hongli such domestic enterprises have invested. According to LEDinside Research Manager Wu Yingjie said that the estimated 2020 UV LED market value will reach $356 million. Among them, UVA LED products are mainly used in UV curing applications at present market, including food packaging, plastic material, curing curing and curing many medical applications market. However market challenge is highly customized, by working closely with curing machine manufacturers, from the collocation and cooling system chip wavelength, optical module design, UV, equipment manufacturers to provide complete solutions. UV-C LED applications include sterilization and purification market, the market potential is huge, the product profit is also very impressive, Japan, the United States and South Korea are being put into development. At present, UV-C LED still needs a breakthrough, product efficiency, life and market acceptance of the market still need to be tested. Intelligent lighting 2016 as the "13th Five-Year plan" at the beginning of the year, the beginning of the provinces of the government work report, the wisdom of the city become high-frequency words, while many members of the proposals and recommendations, the wisdom of the city the same concern. Astepping-stone to success as the wisdom of the city's intelligent lighting, under the new policy, will usher in a new round of development opportunities. According to LEDinside statistics, in 2014 the global smart lighting market size of about $1 billion 544 million, is expected to reach $14 billion 353 million by 2019. Especially in the first half of 2016 domestic communications heavyweights HUAWEI and ZTE have been involved in the layout, so that intelligent lighting ushered in new opportunities. As an excellent access to intelligence, intelligent lighting Home Furnishing smart city, things in the mouth, with the bigwigs participation, it contains a huge energy will be released, will not only bring innovation to the entire lighting industry, will also have a great impact on the lighting industry. Plant lighting plant lighting is not a new topic, it is a new blue ocean. With international companies SHARP, OSRAM continues to promote domestic enterprises to continuously follow up, plant lighting in 2016 set off a boom, and won the praise of learning greatly. According to market data show that the global LED lighting application of plant output from 2013 onwards, began to show rapid growth, reaching $100 million in 2014, 2017 is expected to reach $500 million. With artificial light controlled plant factory gradually mature, the future through a combination of technical advantages, the traditional agriculture of the semiconductor industry lighting and automation technology and network information technology, the global semiconductor industry development important application and development direction of the plant will become a factory. Since the IR LED into 2016, VR, UAV and the rapid development of robot. If the past or recent push factors of infrared LED growth is the intelligent mobile phone LED infrared iris recognition, closed-circuit television monitoring system and monitoring system of red, the future of VR, the robot and the UAV will be a new growth point. According to a survey of 2016 LEDinside in the first half, in addition to the car, security monitoring, sensing and consumer applications, VR, robot and UAV infrared penetration of LED in growth, but demand will surge in the infrared LED. According to the relevant market research data show that in view of the smart car, mobile phone, monitoring system and other application of infrared penetration of LED surge, the Asia Pacific region will become the world's largest infrared LED market segment, is expected during the 2015-2020 years, the global infrared LED market compound annual growth rate of more than 9%. 4 market keywords cross list language: three new board listed in the list of injection stretch, mergers and acquisitions are no longer confined to the field of LED, but cross-border rail replacement, this list is longer: Lehman shares a number of cross-border acquisition into the sports ground, sports enterprises to sell LED to the development of education, the establishment of the development fund. Education, renamed Hongli Newell Hongli crossover network...... Bright review: the first half of 2016 for the LED industry, enterprise merger between "hezonglianheng" is no longer a drama, really wonderful is to cross track, strange and fresh. If the past few years, peer merger is the main theme, so the first half of 2016 is a cross-border rail replacement. Blue sea list: LED industry experienced the baptism of a price war, the product profit is guaranteed, the niche market to become the new blue ocean after LED: LED, UV LED, IR, intelligent lighting, automotive lighting plant...... Light rating: a few years ago the "super" price war to LED lighting products profits thin wash, in order not to be price war dragged to death, enterprises are always looking for the blue ocean market, 2016 is the first year LED new blue ocean, whether it is the vehicle, UV or IR... LED+ list:. According to LED era and Ming, seemed to stay in the alternative concept is no future, after the era of the LED industry appears more possibilities: LED+VR, LED+, LED+ design, LED+ robot, LED+ car networking education...... Bright review: the first half of 2016 for the LED industry, need is our way. After the 2015 reshuffle, 2016 LED enterprise towardrational, between enterprise's "price war" began to receive relief, the "+ layout behind LED". The "+" layout of the virtual reality of rapid growth, there are 2025 main China manufacturing industrial robots and Internet banking and so on. Patent list language: part of the patent expires in 2017 Nichia, Chinese companies need to go out, manufacturers patent suppressed gradually upgrade: ended, Nichia and billion light tug of war and reconciliation, Wang Qi Enplas and Seoul Cree...... Bright comment: if you want to go, the need to resolve the patent. The patent has been flawed domestic LED enterprises, in recent years through the acquisition and development of international enterprises to gradually narrow the gap. 2016 is the Chinese enterprises going out of the year, the patent war upgrade is inevitable. 3 OLED a technology competition in 2018 iPhone mobile phone will all use OLED, let OLED in the first half of this year a fire. OLED is the next generation display technology, is currently in the application of mobile phone panel on the market share is more and more high. According to estimates of industry survey data, 2016 Q4 China intelligent mobile phone market penetration of AMOLED panel will be close to 30%, higher than about 20% of the global market penetration. But the current OLED still has short service life, difficult to screen large defects, and with access to capital, technology continues to improve, replace the LED will become inevitable in some specific areas. Especially when the lighting development to a certain stage, people demand for lighting is no longer a simple but lighting design and light, more possibilities of OLED can help designers to achieve the light. Micro LED to face the impact of the price war after the capacity imbalance of LED industry, 2016's most anticipated possibility is Micro LED; when the OLED panel is a comprehensive guide display market, Micro LED also surfaced as industry star of tomorrow. The rise of Micro LED is regarded as LED, and even LCD now seeking an opportunity to turn around. On the current situation, Micro LED chance, it seems more depends on apple. Since Apple's acquisition of micro LED LuxVue micro LED start screen manufacturers, the future seems to be tied together with apple. According to the latest news, Apple will use the micro LED watch Apple next year, even the news that apple is testing micro LED project. Once apple LED was confirmed by micro, it will bring a new round of stimulus to the market, then the LED industry may usher in a new machine. Laser lighting laser source is semi polar laser diode based on GaN, and combined with the advanced technology of fluorescent powder. Because the laser focused on the phosphor on a small point of light and converted into white light, light source can output safe and highly collimated white light, coupled with the use of micro optical lens and reflector, in order to achieve better effect of lighting light excellent control. Compared to Blu ray LED, laser does not exist "light efficiency decline", in the lighting, laser lighting can achieve very high efficiency. Therefore, Nakamura Shuji is expected to be replaced in the future, laser lighting LED lighting, but also in the first half of 2016 repeatedly mentioned in the speech of laser illumination is the future of lighting, and said the next 10 years will be replaced by LED lighting. Rise 2 product position adjustment status 2016 filament lamp is an unusual year for the filament lamp for LED. It can be said that in the voices of doubt completed the "counter attack", not only attracted PHILPS, OSRAM, GE and other international and domestic manufacturers, the sun, as the Buddha, Ya Ming, Yapu'er, Hongli, Linsen, yuanlei and other LED companies have joined and expand production. According to industry sources, from the beginning of the second half of 2015 to the first half of this year, LED filament lamp market size was double the growth. In the foreign market is popular, mainly in North America, Europe, South America, Asia supply chain has become one of the key products of LED lighting manufacturers. Small spacing becomes the main field small pitch LED display concept proposed in 2014 in the scale of growth since 2008, after it has been slowly forward, performance is not eye-catching, once let people doubt the small space is no longer the limelight. And in the first half of 2016, adding a small pitch LED display market capacity, to LED display enterprises bring more business opportunities, especially VR/AR. As the most basic hardware facilities, LED screen also ushered in a period of the outbreak, and has a small spacing HD, seamless splicing will undoubtedly greatly enhance the user experience VR products. In the face of this new blue ocean, VR/AR and LED showed small spacing with depth, open up a new model of the new model in the field of commercial application and profit. Many companies have been eager to screen LED, including listed companies, the construction of Riyadh and Abison

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