Billion acquisition seems to become the norm, "sing the song to pick up LED"
Source: Date:2018-01-05

This week LED didn't think CREE is going to Wolfspeed at a price of $850 million sold to Infineon, why not? Because CREE has been preparing for the Wolfspeed separate listing, a case of news have not wanted to sell the so-called contribute a large part of the revenue department. See merger news LED industry seems to have tired, motionless that how many billion acquisition who are even more basic frequency of week day. This week, in addition to CREE today, and bought 300 million Alto electronic quasi QianBaiHui lighting. Aside has been determined by the acquisition, heard allring technology acquisition targets are floating out, and bid for OSRAM lighting, M.L.S. said recently will also have the results. But also with crystal electric, Linsen sub strong overseas market. In addition to enterprise mergers and acquisitions, and the similar is their expansion layout. This week begins a new Hongli car project layout, construction, acoustics, Moso power supply also has a new action. These are still relatively to spend money to buy a company, the company has been in the money to buy the liard JINDA lighting, again winning 256 million PPP project, is also Liyademailai flower and fruit, worth celebrating. See Riyadh subsidiary of the bid to make money, look at Lehman, Abison, sun, far away, as the Buddha and other 8 LED enterprises in the first half profit. According to the 13 results notice, 10 are red, to achieve substantial growth, this is not the LED industry to pick up? In this regard, both sides of the LED leading enterprises and foreign capital have expressed optimistic about the market outlook LED. Released the 13 LED enterprise performance forecast, the display enterprise all red, thanks to the small spacing the outbreak of a new pregnancy out machine. The industry warmer again sing the song ", June China LED package prices stabilized, the global LED bulb prices steady, this is undoubtedly a tonic. However in recent years the "pick up song" seems to play a bit frequently, let LED people do not dare to believe that the price will drop or LED. Maybe LED prices will continue to decline, but the market penetration is also increasing, which makes the scale of the competitiveness of enterprises has become increasingly prominent, but the emerging foreign market layout, perhaps with each enterprise layout. But for emerging market layout sooner rather than later, according to statistics, 2016 India LED lighting market will reach 7 billion 620 million, the annual increase of 47.1%, while the customs data show that in May the total exports of LED while decreased slightly, but up to achieve the increase in volume. There seems to be LED to market preference of emerging markets abroad, but the quality is still worrying. Recently, the news about the quality of the foreign market is Australia recalled ARLEC card China producing hand-held rechargeable lights, while domestic Shanghai Industrial and Commercial Bureau sampling of the LED light failure rate of the result is 26.1%. Perhaps because of quality problems of domestic LED frequent, the United States adopted more strict implementation of the provisions of the Importer Security filing. Finally, a spots caused uproar rumors, recently LETV will pass and Vizio, result LED factory on domestic mergers and acquisitions for the LED industry reshuffle caused by long-term concerns. Just let LED factory is unexpected, the LETV clarify acquisition of TV manufacturers Vizio rumors.

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