The industry to pick up the LED listed companies to seize the virtual reality of tuyere
Source: Date:2018-01-05

Experienced in 2015 the industry "big reshuffle" after the first half of this year, LED industry began to pick up signs. Wind statistics show that about half of the LED industry listed companies announced the first half performance forecast, profit year-on-year growth, at least 5 company performance doubled, the number of listed companies layout of virtual reality, cultural and sports activities and other emerging markets to diversify transformation. The main to from the first half of the results notice, in addition to changelight, honglitronic and Riyadh is the main business for the better, the net profit will be doubled, REFOND also expects net profit growth of more than 20%. Zhang Xiaofei told the securities times, lotus finance reporters said that after last year LED industry reshuffle, to improve industry concentration, stabilize prices, profits of listed companies tend to improve the environment. Honglitronic July 1st forecast, is expected in the first half attributable to shareholders of listed companies net profit of 131 million yuan to 143 million yuan, an increase of 130% to 150%. The company said, on the one hand LED lighting market demand for the better, the main business to maintain a steady growth, in addition, the transfer of shares of a subsidiary of Xinquan photoelectric 15.05% stake. Announcement shows that part of the transfer of shares is expected to increase the company's 2016 annual net profit of about 13 million 683 thousand and 500 yuan. Lyad said that due to the increase in sales and order scale, the first half of the expected profit is expected to reach 170 million to 187 million yuan, an increase of 110% to 130%. At the same time, the company also through acquisitions to expand the scale of business. In June 29th, Riyadh cash 350 million yuan acquisition of Shanghai Zhongtian lighting equipment limited company all the shares, listed companies to enhance the lighting engineering business in East China market share, realize the lighting engineering business of national integration. The main good and Alto electronics and Yankon. Alto electronics said that thanks to the sales growth is expected in the first half is expected to achieve net profit of 10 million 800 thousand yuan to 11 million 500 thousand yuan, an increase of 598.31% to 643.57%, the listed companies in the industry growth rate topped LED. Yankon also said revenue LED light source and lighting products continue to maintain steady growth, the first half of 2016 net profit rose 10% to 40%, the first half of last year the company's net profit of 178 million yuan. Acquisition targets and also started thickening performance. Allring technology is expected with hundreds of millions of wireless, peak ccgood included in the consolidated financial statements, is expected to achieve net profit of 55 million 983 thousand and 700 yuan to 66 million 351 thousand yuan, an increase of more than two times the highest. In addition, the beginning of January, REFOND optoelectronics company Shenzhen yega Technology Co., Ltd. and the table, the company expects first half profit of 21 million 657 thousand and 800 yuan to 27 million yuan, an increase of up to 24.67%. Seize air Ping An Securities analyst Liu Shunfeng pointed out that in 2015 the global LED lighting penetration rate reached 27%, to maintain the upward trend, with the domestic LED manufacturers in emerging markets in Southeast Asia, India and other development, the future will continue to benefit. On the other hand, outdoor screen, car market is expected to form a new market opportunities. It is worth noting that the LED listed companies began to layout in the emerging field of VR, with double main drive. As LED small spacing leading to "culture + finance Riyadh technology" for the long-term development strategy, using VR/AR technology, providing "audio-visual culture experience operation service. At present the company investment covering VR/AR hardware and display, the cultural and creative industry, application, content production and other fields. In March this year, Riyadh and Kawashio Zhisheng signed the "innovation and application of virtual reality technology strategic cooperation agreement to jointly study the small pitch LED display application fusion technology and VR technology, and investment in the construction and operation of technology based on the combination of art and science and culture as the core of the platform. In June, the company invested $5 million through a subsidiary company of Magic Leap well-known augmented reality, to enhance the competitiveness of technology research and development, and plans to launch Magic Leap application to Chinese and other subsequent products market. Abison also started the VR field layout. The May announcement, the company invested $4 million 500 thousand acquisition of 51% stake in Hongkong LED display manufacturer Artixium. The development of Artixium provides a virtual display screen field has been adopted by a number of European clubs for future testing, starting to prepare VR+ sports ". According to reports, a new generation of pitch screen series can realize virtual scene display ads, let different people see different channels to watch the ads in the stadium on the screen, will become the new development of VR technology in the sports show. Emerging market shares, Lehman began cross-border distribution of sports industry in the early 2011, is expected in the first half of this year net profit rose 20% to 40%, the highest profit can reach 27 million 755 thousand and 500 yuan. The company said, through the implementation of high-tech LED, dual sports industry development strategy, the main business has maintained a stable development; also a wholly owned subsidiary of Shenzhen city extension enjoy Technology Co. Ltd. and the table, the performance of growth; at the same time, continue to increase the development of sports resources and marketing efforts, a significant increase in the income of the marketing of sports resources. In addition, honglitronic began to create "LED + car industry" double main industry. Last year the company shares of the company car networking technology industry fund established in Pasadena. Zhang Xiaofei said, optimistic about the listed companies with the main "extension" and "crossing", compared to some packaging company directly to cross cultural education and other fields, for industrial enterprises, high risk.

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