What are the hot June LED display industry "big brothers" are busy?
Source: Date:2018-01-05

June is the "poofing" about flying in the past, people can not help feeling "time flies"...... That business, June LED display as circle rising temperatures, enthusiasm not only increase, investment, mergers and acquisitions, cross-border cooperation, and buy a house...... Everyone was busy awfully, certainly will not miss the most fire "European cup". June LED display list 1, Riyadh enterprise dynamic Hongkong continuous investment in virtual reality industry recently, Leah full owned subsidiary of Riyadh (Hongkong) Co. Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as "Hongkong leyard"), PV ML LLC set up to invest in (the Special Purpose Company), the company and the world famous AR technology company Magic Leap, INC. (hereinafter referred to as "Magic Leap") Legend Pictures LLC, the original shareholders, signed the "equity transfer agreement", and Magic Leap signed a share certificate recently. At the same time, Riyadh and Hongkong VR technology company VIRTUIX HOLDINGS INC signed the "equity subscription agreement" and "strategic cooperation agreement in June 16th, by Hongkong's VIRTUIX company invested $500 thousand to subscribe for 214408 shares of preferred stock. At the same time, the strategic partnership between the two sides based on VIRTUIX company agreed to give Hongkong Riyadh a purchase of the series A preferred stock warrants, Riyadh Hongkong can according to the two sides signed warrants to purchase 42002 shares of VIRTUIX series A preferred stock. 2, Chau Ming left hand Ying network virtual and digital in June 21st as, Chau Ming technology and Shenzhen city in Information Technology Co., Ltd. signed a "strategic cooperation agreement. Mutual complementarity, cooperation and win-win, sustainable development principle, on the day after the two sides in virtual reality, visualization and other fields to carry out comprehensive strategic cooperation. On the same day, Ying Chau Ming technology and network technology also signed a strategic cooperation signing, one is China LED display applications leader, is a pioneer of digital marketing communication system China, a combination of the two, will wipe out what kind of spark? 3, Abison 122 million yuan to buy real estate Abison June 20th evening announcement, the company intends to use its own funds for the purchase of the Shenzhen District of Longgang city streets Bantian Cheonan cloud Valley an Industrial Park 3 building A block 8 layer, 9 layer and 10 layer of real estate, construction area of 4722.93 square meters, the total price of not more than 122000000 yuan. Abison said the company through the purchase of real estate in the company headquarters in Shenzhen, can meet the needs of the company's business development strategy, and enhance the company's brand image and brand value, is conducive to business development, is also conducive to attract high-end talent, for the company's long-term development to lay the good foundation. 4, the construction of layout of digital media, denounced 660 million to purchase three mark photoelectric June 8th evening, after another announcement, intends to 200 million yuan to buy part of its koala network capital and equity investment and related data, after the capital increase, the company holds 13% stake in the network the koala koala network, delta investment holding 20.33% the photoelectric equity; a wholly owned subsidiary of Shenzhen City linkage culture Investment Limited (hereinafter referred to as "joint investment") to use its own funds of not more than 263 million yuan to buy a 100% stake in Xi'an green, to 200 million yuan capital increase and the acquisition of Shanghai light 100% stake in one fell swoop bagged three companies, the layout of digital media. 5, Dongshan precision intends to purchase 4 billion of American companies have been the case CFIUS approved June 6th evening announcement, Dongshan precision intends to non-public offering to raise funds for the acquisition of Listed Companies in MFLX100% stock rights matters of stock trading in the United States National Association of Securities Dealers Automated Quotation system, has been adopted by the National Development and Reform Commission, the Ministry of Commerce, Jiangsu Department of Commerce, the China Securities Regulatory Commission, the Foreign Investment Committee (CFIUS), the U.S. Federal Trade Commission filing or approval. In addition, the need to obtain the MFLX shareholders' meeting, the State Administration of foreign exchange departments and other relevant departments of the filing or approval. 6, Huaxia brilliance intends to expand the culture media business Huaxia brilliance June 6th evening announcement, intends to Shenzhen city Fuji Teng investment partnership jointly funded the establishment of a subsidiary of Shenzhen City billion screen Internet culture media Limited registered capital of 20 million yuan. Among them, China brilliance invested 12 million yuan, accounting for 60% of the registered capital, Fuji Teng investment partnership invested 8 million yuan, accounting for 40% of the registered capital. In 2016 a "European Cup" LED screen enterprises in June the hottest keywords, is the European Cup, and what LED display enterprises in the European Cup appearances this year? Look at it together! 1, alto electronics following the 2012 Poland / Ukraine European Cup, alto electronics continue to provide 2016 French European Cup with FIFA, UEFA and other national standard sports events LED display system, covering 10 city all French venues. Map has withstood the test of the Alto electronic stadium surrounding the LED display system 2, chipshow used in European Cup is the screen fence next to the stadium from chipshow, not only can be used for commercials, but also for playback, highlights on the field of classical review, let sit in any position the fans are able to feel the intense atmosphere on the field. For the European Cup chipshow LED stadium screen should be 3, infiled infiled the large screen broadcast installed near the Eiffel Tower, a total area of 130 thousand square meters of fans view division, the entire screen consists of three products, including color screen M series, QE classic screen rental a series of tiles and interactive screen DF series, in the course of the game, the big screen will broadcast live events, and share the feast of football fans all over the world. Infiled installed in the vicinity of the Eiffel Tower LED big screen

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