Three changes in the development of LED lighting industry Chinese
Source: Date:2018-01-05

Recently, the general office of the State Council issued the "opinions of the general office of the State Council regarding the development of the consumer goods industry" three "special action to create a good market environment" (Guo Ban Fa 2016 No. 40), "2025" in-depth implementation of China manufacturing, clearly promote the consumer goods industry increasing the variety, quality, brand. The strategic plan of action, improve the ability and level of the effective supply of consumer goods. Lighting electrical products is an important light consumer goods, with the lighting technology change rapidly, lighting products to meet the national production and life, but also plays an important role and status in the field of energy saving. Around the "three" special activities, the development of lighting industry will be a long-term change. The morphology and function of 1, lighting products will have a significant change with the application of LED technology in lighting products, light source and lamp integration products will gradually increase, the past two years, LED ceiling lamps, lamp panel lights and other integration has been the trend of rapid development. Lighting electrical products to the lamp, lighting electrical products and building materials such as combination will have obvious influence on the morphology of electrical lighting products. In addition, through control of the color spectrum and photoelectric index, which can realize the information transmission, agricultural promotion, emotional impact by lighting products to achieve beyond the ordinary function of lighting products will have great market prospects. 2, intelligent lighting products is the future new growth mode with "Internet plus" concept and the deepening of the implementation of intelligent city and Home Furnishing concept, intelligent lighting products is one of the future direction of development. For example the function of communication transmission and other functions of the superposition of additional lighting products, intelligent lighting products and the integration of intelligent Home Furnishing, smart city, people-oriented intelligent lighting products, through a combination of lighting products and electronic information technology, intelligent control of lighting products, to further expand the lighting energy saving space, improve the convenience of use lighting products and comfort have great prospects for development, is a new growth point of the lighting industry. Production mode of 3, lighting industry production and consumption patterns will change semiconductor lighting products closer to electronic products, automation and production efficiency will be significantly improved, the application of flexible processing equipment, 3D printing technology in the lighting industry, lighting electrical products not only changed the mode of production, will also have an impact the form of consumption. Lighting electrical products, especially the customized and personalized trend of lighting products will be more obvious. As a production enterprise, has turned to the solution of lighting system consists of a single product will. To the current development of China's lighting industry at present, combined with the 13th Five-Year industry development plan put forward China lighting industry association of lighting, lighting industry should actively do the following work, actively carry out "three action". 1, from the quality compliance rate increased to enhance the overall quality of product upgrading after 11th Five-Year, 12th Five-Year Chinese continued to carry out the green lighting project, lighting electrical products in the domestic market has been gradually transition to efficient lighting products market form, especially in recent 5 years, the rapid development of semiconductor lighting products. To further improve the efficient lighting products market share, with the expansion of the enterprise scale and the improvement of production technology, product quality rate continued to rise. But with the gradual increase in the level of consumption of the domestic market, the demand for lighting products gradually from the simple light environment, improve the comfort of light to shine, functional products, lighting quality requirements of intelligent operation etc.. We should fully consider the characteristics of semiconductor lighting technology, product design and manufacture to achieve comprehensive quality of illumination system based on lifting, promote the upgrading of products. 2, making the transition from labor-intensive to production automation in recent ten years changes in the economic development of countries, for the increasing demands of environmental protection, environmental governance requirements of enterprises increased; land policy continued to tighten, production investment promotion; the common basic level of social rise also contributed to rising labor costs, these factors make the China's lighting industry has the cost advantage gradually disappear. With the help of LED lighting products have obvious characteristics of production mode of electronic products in the production form, should actively promote China's lighting industry from labor-intensive to production automation transition and transformation. 3, from OEM to set up the national brand market promotion activities China lighting industry in the production capacity has been ranked first in the world, has an important influence on the world lighting products market. However, in China's lighting products export trade, a large number of products to OEM production is exported to all over the world, the domestic enterprise's profit space is too low, there is no China national brand of international reputation and influence, can not use its own brand into a corporate profit margins. Should be based on quality improvement, and actively carry out national brand promotion activities. 4, from simple manufacturing to service-oriented industrial transformation and upgrading of lighting industry enterprises should continue to increase in product development, design, application and protection of intellectual property rights, brand promotion, cross-border cooperation, intelligent manufacturing and other aspects of the investment, the formation of new competitive power as soon as possible, change from the low cost competition to brand and network elements and service direction, continue to maintain the enterprises as well as China's lighting industry international competitive advantage.

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