Suzhou city lighting quality checks of six enterprises exposure product quality
Source: Date:2018-01-05

Recently, the Suzhou Municipal Bureau of quality and Technical Supervision issued on the 2016 lighting product quality supervision and inspection results of the municipal bulletin. The total sample of 43 batches of products, qualified 37 batches, pass rate of 86.05%. According to the Suzhou Municipal Bureau of quality and technical supervision official website announcement shows that this sampling mainly failed project "disturbance voltage". Fixed luminaires where the nominal production units for the "Suzhou jinsanyuan Lighting Appliance Co. Ltd. production (specifications for JSYI-YG1-1-28, production date / batch 2016-04), integrated LED bracket lamp nominal production unit is" Suzhou State Lighting Technology Co., Ltd. production (specifications for AWAX-60L5-14W, production date / batch number 2016.3) fixed type LED lamp nominal production unit is "Suzhou Hailian complete sets of Electrical Equipment Co. Ltd production (specifications for HL-T5, production date / batch number 2016.4), fixed type LED lamp nominal production unit for the" new dawn "Polytron Technologies Inc production (LED source) (specifications for the FZD130-30 30W, production date / no 2016.4) have shown that the disturbance voltage is not up to the standard. It is reported that, standard lamps need to have a certain anti-interference ability, but not higher than the standard to produce interference. The disturbance voltage may exceed the standard "" affect the normal operation of the lamp near being used in televisions and other electronic equipment". In addition, nominal "Suzhou green maple Lighting Technology Co., Ltd. production of" Greenmaple "brand and specifications for the" T501 8W "portable LED lamp heat, fire and tracking resistance (heat) project failed; nominal Suzhou Delang control fixed type LED Lighting Technology Co. Ltd. (" production specifications model DL-LED-90 11W, production date / batch number 2015-12) external wiring (cross-sectional area) unqualified. (table source: Suzhou quality and technical supervision network)

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