The prime minister is pushing "double" and Internet plus, "13th Five-Year" will boost employment
Source: Date:2018-01-05

(map) Li Keqiang study in May 6, 2016 Ministry of human resources and social security, are discussed and the employment situation of migrant workers in consultation with staff. The person in charge of a quarter of the employment situation of migrant workers is generally stable but there are still worries. The Prime Minister for their weapon: services to increase employment ability of migrant workers; migrant workers to speed up the nearest place of employment. To promote the transformation of their employment and industrial space transformation. The "13th Five-Year" plan, the implementation of the strategy of employment priority. Implement a more proactive employment policy, create more jobs, efforts to solve the structural contradiction of employment, encourage entrepreneurship to employment, to achieve full and high quality employment. Employment is the bottom line of our country's development, the party and state leaders have pointed out on a number of occasions, as long as there are no major fluctuations in employment, even if the slowdown in economic growth can also accept. "China has always attached great importance to the employment of" 12th Five-Year ", from the beginning of the establishment of the strategy of employment priority." Central Party School professor Zhou Tianyong said. Zhou Tianyong pointed out that this is because employment is the people's livelihood. There is no stable employment development, destined not sustainable; no high quality employment, people is not doomed to happiness. At present, the world economy is still sluggish growth, China's economic growth has slowed, capacity to gradually enter the substantive stage of operation. Although China's employment situation is generally stable, but also face the challenge of the total pressure is not reduced, structural contradictions become more prominent. However, prospect of "13th Five-Year", there are still a lot of favorable factors of employment. The first is that China's economic growth is still maintained at a reasonable interval. Some experts pointed out that as long as China's GDP growth rate of not less than 6%, the annual new urban jobs can maintain in 2006 China's GDP growth of 10.7% in 10 million people above, GDP year increments of 3 trillion yuan. And in 2015 China's GDP growth of 6.9%, GDP year increment reached 4 trillion yuan. That is to say, although growth is slowing, but the increase remains unabated, stimulating employment effect is still strong. At the same time, human resources and Social Security Department of labor science research institute director Zheng Dongliang pointed out that the change of industrial structure in China is also beneficial for employment growth direction -- service industry contribution to employment rate of about 20% second. In 2004, the proportion of employment in the third industry of our country is 30.6%, employment for 2.2 people; in 2014, the proportion of employment in the third industry of our country is 40.6%, employment for 310 million people; to "13th Five-Year" at the end of the service industry employment proportion is likely to reach 50%. In addition, the national policy, especially public entrepreneurship, innovation policy has an important contribution to employment. Zhou Tianyong said, entrepreneurship to create jobs is very strong, the average enterprise or project employees to 8.44 people. From the shop to now the various forms of "Internet +", from the college students' run farms to the barber to operate a chain of domestic service companies, a variety of new formats continue to emerge. The labor department issued the "report" China youth entrepreneurship status shows, 44.5% venture project is profitable, 42.1% project breakeven, obviously to employment. China's positive transformation of government functions, promote the reform of commercial systems, the release of the reform dividend also greatly promote employment, according to statistics, in 2015 the average daily new registered enterprises in more than 10 thousand households. Said Xin Changxing, Vice Minister of human society, employment structural contradictions are still outstanding and will exist for a long time. For example, reflected the difficult employment recruitment difficulties, such as the phenomenon is the structural contradiction of employment. Chinese Employment Association vice president Chen Yu pointed out that enhance the quality of employment is essential, especially the transformation and upgrading of industries, create more high-end jobs. In addition, in Europe and Japan and South Korea and other developed countries and regions, the main medium income crowd is the mechanic, or "senior blue collar". Therefore, China must accelerate the development of high-end manufacturing industry, and to strengthen and improve the occupation training.

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