LED cross-border business breakthrough tricks by LED business gradually into the more desirable?
Source: Date:2018-01-05

Industry overcapacity and fierce price competition, is the LED industry in recent years to give the impression of the outside world. How does the LED enterprise through cross-border breakthrough, become the focus of attention of all parties to the present. Different from KingSun through direct acquisition of the transformation of the way, Lehman's shares in 2011 by LED display equipment replacement way super advertising display time, gradually infiltrated into the sports industry. However, current LED industry started cross-border business are quite at a loss, some enterprises cross is a casual move, Guangdong Province Chamber of Commerce electrical LED branch secretary general Peng Jie analysis, "now these companies are still in development, the transition effect remains to be seen." Lehman's two main business strategy in 2011, the company intends to use the LED display to replace the previous fixed advertising board, in advertising, can enhance its commercial value and propaganda. At that time, the Lehman resource replacement cooperation, became the official partner of Super League and the only LED screen supplier. Reporter learned that, when Lehman did not particularly want to go to sports extension. Of course, in cooperation with Lehman shares is an opportunity, vice president and Secretary of the board of directors Luo Bing said, "take this opportunity we won the super league matches every time part of the advertising management right. When we consider the Lehman brand abroad more visibility and influence, in order to enhance Lehman's popularity in the country, in the first year to obtain advertising rights, we are not foreign sales, and advertising all the time in Lehman own advertising." After two years, super company saw LED display advertising publicity board instead of fixed commercial value, Lehman Brothers bought back some advertising time. It is understood that the Lehman proposed to develop to the sports industry, is at the end of 2011, the company through repeated demonstration and analysis, that the sports industry can expand the space, there are a lot of business opportunities, so moving into the sports industry. The evening of August 19, 2015, Lehman's board announced, intends to securities referred to by the original "Lehman photoelectric" changed to "Lehman shares", in order to reflect the two main business strategy. According to public information, in 2011 after Lehman's sponsorship of the super, and in 2014 sponsored by the armor, began a comprehensive layout of the sports industry, the title of the Portuguese occupation football league, the establishment of sports culture fund, Lehman keishing Lehman shares media, the world's second largest sports marketing company, Switzerland infront sports media group. In addition to optimistic about the future of the sports industry prospects, have a great relationship status to establish Lehman double main business strategy and LED industry. LED industry has experienced in the period from 2008 to 2010 after the explosive growth, with the continuous influx of capital outside the industry, from 2011 to 2013 the whole industry is very competitive, so that the LED industry performance of listed companies is not very good. The Lehman report shows that the year 2011, the company operating profit 34 million 871 thousand and 800 yuan, down 18.70%; net profit of 33 million 109 thousand and 200 yuan, down 15.03%. But note that in 2015, Lehman shares revenues in LED industry accounted for 89.99%, the sports industry accounted for more than 10.01%, thus, the process of the sports industry layout also need a sustained investment. Transition effect to be observed LED Peng Jie said that cross-border business, is also based on the analysis of the corresponding decision made by the industry, overcapacity and fierce price competition, all enterprises need to face the problem. How to for the LED industry, enterprise transformation, an industry source told reporters, directly from the LED cross industry to another industry, which may itself in the development of LED industry bottleneck period. With the help of Lehman's own LED business, and gradually penetrate into another industry is desirable. Luo Bing also said, "in the sports industry from Lehman's way, should be a natural process, there is relationship between the business collaboration and to undertake this one, not to say suddenly into a new realm." Involved in the sports industry with respect to Lehman's "casual" move, other enterprises engaged in LED, in the choice of cross-border trade, whether it will face the current situation is similar to the LED industry? Peng Jie believes that as long as the industry profits, there will be excess relative to the problem, especially in many areas of low threshold. The industry is difficult to enter the high technology, the enterprise, but the lack of enthusiasm for investment. Faced with this situation, there is no good way to resolve it is only through market competition, so that part of the business to become the industry mainstay. "Although better LED enterprise has made the corresponding layout in the cross, but are still in development, it is not conclusive effect." Peng Jie said.

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