China lighting brand most need to fill what?
Source: Date:2018-01-05

Forbes (Forbes) recently announced the 2016 annual list of the world's most valuable brand TOP100, Chinese brand without a list. The reason for Chinese brand missed the list, Forbes's explanation, because the list of specific evaluation of their own rules, such as regulations on brand must carry out business in the U.S. market, this will affect the brand China score. It is such a rule in the US, from the point of view of historical data, from the beginning of 2010, basically can not see China brand appeared in the list. Forbes explanation seems to give Chinese brand a step, but imagine if Chinese engage in a most valuable brands in the world ranking, scoring rules also have "must carry out business in the Chinese market this one, is not to affect the U.S. brand score? Should have little effect. They come to us. We went to the people there is not problem, obviously not in the rule itself, but in our business really bad, and there is a big gap between the truly international brand. In fact, doing business in the U.S. market China brand also has some, such as Alibaba listed Internet companies in the United States, but the volume of business of these enterprises in the United States are not large, the achievement is still limited to the domestic Chinese. Generally speaking, overseas revenue of more than 30% of the enterprises is the ability to operate the international, but China international company average transnational index less than 14%, far lower than the world's 100 largest multinational companies of the 61%, also lower than the same period the level of 38% developing countries. Moreover, Chinese enterprises rely on is not based on technical strength, but by the trade and intermediate products, the lack of international management ability of real. As for the "national large enterprises, although with huge volume often boarded the top of global wealth (for example, in 2015 the" fortune "Global 500 list, China has 106 companies on the list, Sinopec, PetroChina and the national grid in the top 10), but they are not optimistic about the value of the brand the reason, as they mostly rely on monopoly, business globalization degree is low, not only in the United States have little business in other overseas markets are also rarely seen. We know, brand value is the wealth of enterprises, but the amount of wealth is not directly correlated with the brand value. The University of Pennsylvania Walton School of business professor David Reibstein pointed out that the brand value depends on consumers acceptance. From the aspect of enterprises, whether the value of a brand, to see whether consumers willing to pay a higher price or have a stronger desire to buy. If Sinopec and PetroChina China these enterprises to enter into the American market, American consumers will be willing to accept them? Joined the consumer brand loyalty and satisfaction and other important subjective indicators, the Forbes brands is better able to explain the global competitiveness of enterprises, and the reason China brand not on the list is self-evident, to fill what courses are also clear. Ph.D. in marketing at the Tsinghua University professor Zheng Yuhuang analysis, the essence of marketing is to attract customers and retain customers. Compared with the world's best brands, the main difference between the enterprise brand is the lack of real ability to attract customers and retain customers, few enterprises brand can truly take the customer as the center. Most of Chinese enterprises still only focus on "attracting customers", while ignoring the "customer retention". Therefore, we often see that many companies are willing to spend big money on advertising to attract customers, but ignore the point that advertising can bring only the visibility, but can not bring satisfaction, reputation and loyalty. If the enterprise product quality inspection stand up to the market and consumers, a negative evaluation is enough to destroy the enterprise to spend huge sums of money to set up brand image. Thus, China brand most need make up the class, is in the customer centered marketing practice, grasp 3 key points: to create value for customers, to provide customers with satisfaction, create customer loyalty (long-term relationship). In the fierce competition in the market, many brands are proof of the success of the enterprise process, who will be able to "take the customer as the center" of such a universal business values persist, who will be the ultimate winner.

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