81 new board listed companies how to develop LED?
Source: Date:2018-01-05

According to the latest statistics of the national stock transfer company, as of May 2nd, three new board market listed company, a total of 6945 listed company, the total share capital of 403 billion 591 million shares, the share capital of 142 billion 679 million shares sold unlimited, total market capitalization exceeded 3 trillion yuan mark. The industry is expected in 2016, three new board listed companies is expected to reach 1, the next three to five years, will be the new era of high-speed expansion board. With listed company at home and increase the number of market growth, the new board of "layered era" is expected to officially arrived in May. According to incomplete statistics, the current LED industry in the new board of more than 80 enterprises, of which 38 have the market, the market value of 15 billion 700 million (from the May 4th closing price), the remaining 43 is not a city, but in the audit and prepare for the more. 38 LED has been making 43 enterprises not making LED enterprises 81 LED enterprises, in the statistics of the downstream end of the lighting display accounted for more than 6, the upstream epitaxial chip end less, only 2.47%. When LED enterprises rush into the new board, most of the enterprises in order to achieve financing, to enhance the brand value, so as to better cooperation in mergers and acquisitions. According to the new board statistics, from 2013 to 2015, the amount of financing of three new board market were 1 billion 2 million yuan, 13 billion 209 million yuan and 121 billion 617 million yuan, the rapid growth of. According to the financing situation of 81 enterprises in the statistics found that from 2015 to May 3rd a total financing of nearly 1 billion 200 million yuan, the development of deep UV harmony technology and extension of VR shares the most popular Roman capital. For the LED industry into the deep water area, gross margin fell sharply, the current LED products profit space narrowing, enterprises to enter the new three there is a greater need to stimulate the market niche, will much favored capital. Despite the recent rebound, but the entire LED industry pattern has been formed, as three new board business living space should not be living in the cracks of LED leading enterprises, but also need to have their own characteristics.

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