Pain and suffering deep secret behind the glamorous lighting designer
Source: Date:2018-01-05

In the eyes of many people, building lighting designer's job is to design, money, easy work, income is not high. In fact, the designers also have their own pain and difficulties. At present, the pain and problems faced by domestic designers to sum up roughly such several aspects: in-depth development of reform and opening up and line designers constantly on the run of the market economy system, China's GDP for 20 consecutive years of sustained and rapid expansion of the domestic construction and building decoration industry has obtained great development by leaps and bounds; throughout the construction project vigorously the new construction project, has become a China emerge in an endless stream, hot and big construction site! Architecture designer is facing increasing pressure on the workload of usher in opportunities for development at the same time. Increase design business that most designers always constantly on the run to the construction field, the design process gradually into a "poverty of thought" the work of the state, resulting in the professional study of the depth and breadth are greatly reduced, the same no style project are numerous! No wonder foreign design friends will say "China designer lost the style in the spring breeze"! Designer in kitsch embarrassment economic take-off, short-term in various fields of social production created within tens of thousands of so-called "rich people", these emerging rich and many millionaire. But in this population, they are not the same wealth of knowledge in their brains, the inner taste is proportional to. However, this population has increasingly become the backbone of the object, the emerging market investment and construction designers need service! Ten years of hard, once impossible, they have a strong sense of domination, often require designers to comply with the wishes of their own in engineering design! Therefore, at this particular stage of market, the vast majority of construction projects have a strong "Party A will, whether such a sense of traces" is a taste of what level will be through the designer to implement. A lack of scientific proof, cultural and artistic taste, blindly luxurious accumulation of building and decoration projects such as the Chinese like bamboo shoots after a spring rain and high streets and back lanes. And designers are in this round of market lost themselves, at least I think most designers in order to basic survival, plus work overload and outside intervention, kitsch become a common practice to deal with this kind of design! But sadly the process designers lose more than their own thoughts, more important is their academic accomplishment, their attitude, in the sense of a sink! The problem concerns the ecological conditions, the livelihood of the people to sit down and think about it is scanty! Academic designers not evasive theory from practice while many first-line designers in the construction tide has probability, at the same time out. A lot of excellent academic designers (University Teachers and researchers), they not only have enough to live comfortably, and study the advanced equipment and comfortable working environment. They master the most advanced and ideal design concept, design ideas, and constantly improve the artistic attainments have. But in fact, excellent environment has prompted them to general practice, not the maximum service construction tide current! The design idea, theory and theory of superb left the practice becomes weak, architecture design is a very practical subject. The research status of superiority and ideal so that they do not want to participate in the complex, the intrigues of the first competition, this will lead to their lack of skills and means to realize their creative, advanced ideas are most difficult to practice! The lower the quality designer team expansion in order to meet the large development of domestic construction situation, coupled with the reform of colleges and universities, many domestic universities regardless of whether the teachers will open the market more popular professional, and the blind expansion of enrollment. The building area is no exception, all kinds of social education, professional and technical strength of secondary school, even computer training also joined the ranks of the production designer, imagine just a year or so trained designers in a building, for art, for culture to understand how much? However in this short 10 years of architectural design practitioners in the field is rapidly inflated, design market into confusion and disorderly competition period! There was also no lack of low quality, lack of occupation morality, lack of literacy and explore the academic spirit of grassroots designers, competition in the market, they reduce the value of the designer, blind fame, superficial kitsch fashion and even joined the ranks of fueling misleading. This situation is particularly serious in the field of Home Furnishing decoration designers, in order to extract the so-called Commercial Commission to sell so-called new materials to Party A for the sake of promotion drive to meet the eye everywhere, the great achievements of new materials also can be described as "striking"! They should be for the current building and decoration project noveletish and high-grade packing materials and waste of resources caused by some responsibility! Consequences of vicious competition led to a lot of excellent designers can't get the corresponding return and reduce the enthusiasm of creation, social public opinion will have some designers compared with prostitutes! So many people hide in their research institutions, unwilling to face the society, resulting in a lot of practical design ideas cannot be validated and developed in practice, which also includes a lot of achievements in the field of ecology! High-end design high-end design field disdain designers, senior master and industry leader superior, reside on their status and previous results, for the upcoming change did not completely done his duty! This can be reflected in the design: China introduced a large number of high-end construction field in recent years, the design in the huge state financial support to enjoy at the same time did not play a reasonable role inducing domestic building energy saving reform, but triggered a new round of all luxury building construction tide, this role bad for the current form of ecological China. As high-end industries, masters have more opportunities to the world of culture and academic attainments, they have the profound and often very well-off economy. Small design does not look, design and can't play their own authority, put forward reasonable suggestions, resulting in Chinese building and decoration design into two errors and extreme direction of development, on the one hand is the ordinary people in front of the green design for the loss, waste of resources and the bill; the other side is at the local level the government "not rich extravagance" at great expense to introduce still need to spend huge cost for maintenance of the vase like things... Chinese... Architectural design professional design project caused by incoherent scattered and difficult in developed countries a good architect, is also an excellent interior designer; a a good designer is also a designer of furniture and ornaments; and a furniture designer is likely to be a skilled craftsmen! The China professional talent training is the separation of professional colleges is the set of architectural design, landscape design, interior design and furniture design - don't like, be in the industrial design! The design of structure caused by inconsistent drawbacks of the domestic field of building design this training. Building designers to complete the design of civil structure after the building roughout walk away and gave the interior designer, and indoor furniture system usually only buy market products. The design of the baton system is not conducive to the outstanding architectural works and the integrated design of the indoor come out, this is not always a reason in China landmark design for. Imagine, get the building structure construction drawings of the interior designer, first of all is to the spatial layout of the realistic functional layout, space art, this process many original space structure will be proposed. This modification is almost without considering the architectural appearance of the so-called interior continuation, the process is often called the transformation of space art wall hole like, the formation of waste materials is a necessity! In terms of coordination issues, all aspects of the building separated pattern of architectural design has restricted the designers to grasp the overall construction, and even the formation of mutual shirk responsibility. And design of building energy saving system across the boundaries of this division, the current design system can easily become wrangling, need to coordinate the part of the increase will cause a certain degree of confusion, to a certain extent improve the construction cost. Summary facing the ecological crisis, energy crisis, interior design and architectural building designers responsibility and a long way to go, but the "vanguard" status is certain. This requires the majority of designers from perfecting themselves, change the concept of the courage to take responsibility consciousness training; research professionals should be dedicated and pragmatic, China needs a large number of green responsibility, pragmatic study of the. Calls for more universal and public research results for children ages for the benefit of the people; at the same time improve the policy level for designers of standardization, designers must also follow the living conditions. In order to overcome the ecological crisis must be concerned about the people's survival condition, the so-called welfare policy should pay attention to make a significant contribution to the national construction and mostly in the free state of the designer occupation population!

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