OSRAM and other companies continue to shuffle the three optical lighting will be how to layout in the LED industry
Source: Date:2018-01-05

After 2015 industry reshuffle, 2016 LED industry will usher in what kind of opportunity? How the domestic and foreign giants market trends will? Old three, EPISTAR, Qinshang, Ruifeng, BDO, Linsen, nationstar and PHILPS, CREE, OSRAM and other companies launched innovative products in which to occupy market share? Crystal electric filament lamp Market Forecast in 2016 LED 150 million growth over the next three years by 2016 LED filament lights! It is from the first question to later accepted by the market, and then to 2016 the explosive growth of the market demand and share more and more big. From the recent Thailand LEDExpo2016 exhibition, we can see, PHILPS, FSL, Taiwan manufacturers, Thailand manufacturers have launched a series of LED filament lamp products. In the case of PHILPS, have launched a 2.3 watt LED lamp filament, priced at 220 baht E14 technical specifications, as well as 4.9 watts, LED filament lamp E27 lamp, the price of 290 yuan baht. In April 20th, REFOND new conference site, Xiao Bian learned REFOND have launched two LED filament lamp, and the products are exported to Europe market. UV LED LED niche market expected future market will reach $820 million according to Yole data show that the UVLED market in recent seven or eight years has maintained a very high growth rate, increased from $20 million in 2008 to $90 million in 2014, a compound annual growth rate of 28.5%. UV LED has a huge market space for the replacement of traditional UV. Domestic manufacturers Nichia, EPISTAR, Seoul semiconductor, latticepower, honglitronic, REFOND, Mu Linsen said the following, have launched new products. Nichia 2016 operation strategy: focus on automotive lighting, UV LED and LED for laser application in automotive lighting market, international giants Nichia, OSRAM, CREE, crystal electric have expressed optimistic. In recent years, with the application of LED in the automotive lighting more widely, the domestic car involved in the increased gradually with the LED manufacturers. In addition to BYD lighting, honglitronic, REFOND, Xingyu shares and other enterprises frequently. According to the forecast, the relevant research institutions 2015~2020, car lighting LED market value will rise to $611 million, the car lighting LED market value of compound growth rate of 8%. Comment: crystal electric chairman Li Bingjie said, looking forward, he believes that the business cycle is very chaotic, seasonal fluctuation is not obvious, but the company will actively sprint four yuan car with LED products, this car accounted for four yuan revenue last year from 9 ~ 10% to 13 ~ 15%. Lextar electronics chairman and CEO Su Fengzheng said that the market demand for LED in 2016 still look pretty, permeability continued to pull high, the bulk of the backlight and lighting is still dominated the two application of industrial development. Lextar Electronics will continue to cooperate with customers to develop high technology content of backlight products, enhance customer service. In lighting applications as the core technology of electric machine, in order to enhance the added value of industrial product design. In addition, while LED, UVLED and other new applications using active layout, cumulative energy research and development, to maintain industry leading position. Si LED heady domestic CSP packaging module is expected to guide market upstream of the LED field, CSP LED chip has been called "nuclear weapons", the technology in recent years has been very fire, mass production is a special case of domestic Zhongshan stereo photoelectric CSP SMT equipment. In addition, Samsung, Liang Rui, Jingde, BDO, Seoul Hongli, enterprises are constantly innovation to launch new products. General manager of Samsung LED Chinese district said, CSP technology is becoming the trend in LED packaging market, once the CSP process is a breakthrough, the future CSP will be the trend in the field of chip. Elec-Tech comments: Mo Qingwei vice president of LED chip technology, the CSP LED production efficiency of light if 3000K, 80 color rendering index as an example, can do 130Lm/W. Compared with the traditional package, CSP LED price advantage is obvious, because the solid crystal saved in traditional packaging, wire and bracket, at the same time because of the flip chip technology based on super driving ability is outstanding, in the next scale, is a cost-effective technology route. Honglitronic said general manager Relinin, CSP in different areas are gradually applied, the advantage of CSP is smaller, thinner surface degree, lower thermal resistance. Based on these advantages, the development of it in the field of general lighting, backlighting subsequent field has not.

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