See China LED industrial development from the United States NAB SHOW Exhibition
Source: Date:2018-01-05

With the progress of science and technology and the increasingly intense competitive environment, enterprises want to survive in this environment and occupy certain advantages, improve their competitiveness has become an indispensable condition, and to improve their competitiveness is the key to accelerate its innovation process. The innovation of students, old and die. In April 15, 2016, the third session held in Beijing Chinese LED first award ceremony, Shenzhen qipuguang electronics Limited by Share Ltd won the first prize China LED -- the most investment value of the new board enterprise award, review work of Qi Puguang for many years, the concept of independent innovation has been accompanied with its development, qipuguang heavy development, adhere to the road of independent innovation, since 2000, Qi Puguang continues to move in the way of innovation, its R & D products have repeatedly won the national invention patent. Focused on April 18-21 held in Las Vegas, the huge influence of the American radio and television show NAB (National Association of Broadcasters SHOW), qipuguang also appeared, the main exhibits small spacing, with its superior display, attracted a lot of attention. Qi Puguang is walking towards the world with innovation, efforts to enhance the overseas. In this exhibition, in addition to Qi Puguang, and the state of science and technology, Riyadh, Guangzhou, Abison, silicon core construction, Alto, pine, record, caiyida, LEDER (RIT), LSN these LED display enterprises appear on the show, and the proportion of the state of science and technology in recent years into the sea outside the market larger and remarkable achievements, Guangzhou silicon core also take the international route, LED ER (RIT) in the United States was established in Losangeles development of a local company, it is not difficult to see, LED China leading small spacing is gradually relying on quality, innovation, improve technology content gradually mature, to the world, and more and more international brand recognition in the overseas market, small spacing will occupy more and more broad market, which will also become our country in the field of small spacing LED pride. Is better to make small distance LED to the world, the development of a more high-end international market, China's LED enterprises should constantly innovative ideas, take the path of innovation and development, increase R & D innovation investment fund, the technology to solve the high ground, some technical problems faced by small spacing. As a reporter in the interview general manager Hilda Electronic Technology Co., Wang Ruiguang learned that faced at present small spacing and heat protection capacity, Hilda electronic technology limited company has developed a new product "integrated encapsulation", which solves the problem of dust, moisture-proof, anti-static and other issues in the past has been difficult to break through the small spacing effectively. Another example riyuecheng do now PWM products, can solve the problems of low brightness, high ash, leakage and other small spacing LED faces fundamentally. Through these technological innovations, is the history of the development of small spacing LED brilliance, promote China's small spacing LED into a new step. The enterprise should be based on the development of innovation, in order to better solve the technical problems faced by the small spacing of LED, the development of continuous improvement, the small spacing constant maturity. Not only in technological breakthroughs and innovation, but also in the quality of LED small spacing should be strictly, deepen brand awareness, pay attention to the international market dynamics, to lead the development of innovation, the small pitch products of our country constantly, so that the LED display China to the world to better posture, further into the international market for the development of small spacing LED in China to achieve qualitative leap.

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