The big event LED industry seven keywords comb
Source: Date:2018-01-05

Key words: Deputy Director of the Ministry of science and technology China subsidy rules of semiconductor lighting project management office Ruan Jun said, "China 12th Five-Year" plan LED lighting subsidy rules, the fastest will be officially announced this week, which will be as the main commercial lighting project grants. Market analysis, because of commercial lighting in the overall lighting, power consumption, commercial lighting consumes electricity, the total lighting electricity 43%, if the commercial lighting electricity to distinguish places including calculation, using the office and warehouse retail, electricity accounted for 60% of electricity consumption in the lighting business. At the same time, Putian group of state enterprises and Chinese Taiwan factory cooperation plan, is dominated by commercial lighting, commercial lighting is expected to become the main market for LED lighting. In addition, China for corporate subsidies had been to local enterprises as a priority, with the background of joint venture enterprise, but the standard includes to set up factories in the local manufacturers outside the subsidy, product specifications, whether through energy-saving certification is the focus. Taiwan LED plant is expected to increase benefit. Keywords: Nanchang Optics Valley in March 5th, the National People's Congress, the mayor of Nanchang Guo An in a statement said, "NPC and CPPCC" LED silicon substrate technology breakthrough is the pride of the people of Nanchang to Nanchang in 2020, Optics Valley LED lighting to complete the 100 billion target, to make Nanchang LED the overall size of standing in the forefront of the country. At the same time, in the planned 159 plan, will train ten thousand VR technical personnel, landing one thousand key enterprises in Nanchang VR. This year, Nanchang University Professor Jiang took only a national technology invention award medals from the general secretary of the hand, is the silicon substrate LED technology. This technology to products from the scientific and technological achievements into the whole industry, the route of LED lighting technology in the world, from the sapphire to SiC with third silicon substrate route. To make Nanchang LED the overall size of standing in the forefront of the country, at present, the work is wildly beating gongs and drums for layout. Keywords: said that due to the policy CPPCC member and vice president of the people's Bank of Chinese Pan Gongsheng 8, the basic characteristics of China's real estate market is in excess of the total and regional differentiation. Therefore, the basic logic and the overall tone of the housing credit policy adjustment is due to the policy". A is on the north, on the broad, deep in the purchase of the city of differentiated treatment, such as the recent two policy adjustments are excluded from the purchase of the city outside the scope of policy implementation, the city is still maintaining the minimum down payment ratio higher requirements. Two is the emphasis on market discipline, independent decision-making of commercial banks. At present, the national unified housing loans the minimum down payment ratio policy is modest and prudent. Commercial banks follow these policies on the basis of independent decision-making. The people's Bank of three is based on the real estate loan asset quality, regional concentration, mechanism robust monitoring, analysis and assessment, strengthen macro Prudential Management of the housing finance market. Pan Gongsheng said the next step, the people's Bank of China will further implement due to the policy requirements, improve the regional differential housing credit policy. Key words: irrational exuberance moment, market is the hottest property market, how to view the current market? Relevant experts recently wrote, by the United States, Japan's lesson, means that the current Chinese market is probably "irrational prosperity". According to estimates, the current research institutions, the total value of first-tier cities housing Chinese bought half of the United states. At present, first-tier cities prices rose beyond Shenzhen, New York "brilliant" period. From the international experience, first-tier cities rents rose sharply than that of residents purchase of irrational factors in the accumulation of risk. According to the 2015 survey data, first-tier cities housing vacancy rate of 22%. This shows that housing prices are expected to attract no or no demand for housing residents to purchase the "army", pushing up prices in a short period of time. Keywords: spread spectrum LiFi is a new type of wireless network connection technology, mainly through the visible spectrum to realize wireless data transmission. Recently, PureLi-Fi showed a LiFi product, so that the technology is no longer stay in the design and the theory of the. PureLi-Fi display adapter this product is a U disk shape, there is light and infrared signal receiving device for lens type, and stand above is compatible with LED and LiFi light emitter. In the show, the transmission rate of LiFi reached 40Mbps, and in the light of direct under the condition of strong stability, in the light of edge will be decreased, and the diffraction light will occur, so it can be connected to the perimeter around. The advantages of LiFi: Harald Burchardt pointed out that "in the Li-Fi environment, the total volume of data will be enhanced, plus light cannot pass through the wall, therefore, compared to Wi-Fi, we create the network will have more security." Keywords: iF design award, iF design award designers dream in February 26, 2016, Germany Munich BMW World Awards ceremony held. More than 2000 guests to participate in the ceremony, witnessed the event design and exchange with the world first-class designers. Two Zumtobel products won design awards, they are Supersystem II LED and Supersystem outdoor. Among them, Supersystem outdoor is the first product of Zumtobel into the field of outdoor lighting. The perfect design of two products excellent and efficient lighting technology integration for product design category of the judges were impressed. Before, Zumtobel products have repeatedly won the iF design award, the award is a continuation of the brilliant achievements. IF design award was born in 1953, is considered the most authoritative international design competition. All the winners selected by independent judges in a series of strict assessment standards. The jury is composed of designers from all over the world, entrepreneurs and scientists. IF design award is a vane of the future design and product innovation. Key words: new buyers foreign media reports, the Blackstone Group (Blackstone Group, L.P., BX) and onex Co. (OCX.T) is a joint bid for the Royal PHILPS (Royal Philips NV) lighting business department. The business value may be 4 billion 500 million euros ($4 billion 900 million) and 5 billion euros. The two North American private Holdings Company competitor is headquartered in New York, Apollo Global Management LLC Melrose Industries PLC and British investment company. One insider said, the two companies together, so as to assume a large proportion of common in the bidding success in the case of equity, and two sets of director of the Department on how to improve the performance of. They will also be part of the financing loans to the transaction. PHILPS spokesman Steve Klink wrote in an e-mail, PHILPS is PHILPS lighting (Philips Lighting) all the strategic choice, including initial public offering (IPO) and for private investors to sell. He said, PHILPS is expected to announce the first half of the lighting business in 2016 on stripping.

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