Lighting electricity supplier, is a kind of sales channels?
Source: Date:2018-01-05

Liu Qiangdong and Ma dispute, LED lighting electricity supplier new signal? Feelings and the market competition, the filament lamp can counter attack? The highest level of risk, eye eye?...... We will read them to you. Lighting enterprises shall not cut off the electricity supplier sector? LED chiefs say! View: lighting electricity supplier, is a kind of sales channels? Recently, Liu Qiangdong and ma have discussion about whether to cut off the electricity supplier sector, LED lighting industry professionals to discuss. Ma Yun said, "my company has several departments is not outsourcing, service outsourcing, sales outsourcing, outsourcing can not complain." Here is the service and sales, in addition to electricity suppliers to undertake other functions, is at least a sales channel. But for the vast majority of the lighting business, the electricity supplier is really a sales channel? We surveyed last year online sales of Tmall lighting products, found that in addition to a ten, basic mainstream brand lighting enterprises sales "terrible calm"! In an interview, many executives also said that the electricity supplier is also maintained at the exploration stage. For the majority of lighting companies, after several years of efforts, the electricity supplier is still out of strategic considerations, a prospective future layout based on the "broad" and a few enterprises to remove the cost of manpower and material, here on the profit? In addition, personalized trend of lighting demand, many enterprises layout electricity supplier, just for the collection of customized demand, hope that this part of the demand into purchasing power line sales. In this sense, the electricity supplier is at best promote the auxiliary means of offline sales. So, except for the Amoy brand, for the majority of enterprises to engage in electricity providers, lighting electricity supplier, is a kind of sales channels? With the online purchase of consumption vogue, future lighting electricity supplier may have more space for development, we are looking forward to the brand force. Observation of filament lamp: patch 2016 to profit repeatedly compressed filament war? Point of view: the feelings and the market competition, the filament lamp can counter attack? Filament lamp can rise, the largest window is almost the same as the incandescent lamp shape, from the beginning of the incandescent lamp is based on people's feelings. This morning, pointing to a small article in the subway, titled "feelings" about the face of the market, the supermarket. On the filament lamp, seems to have little occasion. Feelings of this kind of thing, Xiao Bian personally feel is the most with no reality whatever it is a kind of complex, a group of people or a generation, perhaps older people have unresolved feelings for the filament lamp, but for the younger generation, really used filament lamp, there are a few? The so-called feelings in front of the brutal competition in the market is like a layer of white paper, a break away. Return to the LED filament lamp itself, has been suffering from the heat dissipation problem, power delay can not be bigger, this was it difficult to adapt to more application scenarios, it is not put in good taste. To solve the technical problems of the product to be able to occupy a space for one person. Look at the current number of giants involved in the filament lamp, is actually unable to play the emotional card, take the opportunity of publicity, PHILPS also vowed to make a $0.8 bulb, but it is not all the cost deduction to the point, is a kind of strategy. Quality Inspection Administration: eye is the highest level of risk! Point of view: the eye lights eye? Parents pay attention to you! The eye stalls a big thing! The focus of the national industrial products quality supervision and Quality Inspection Administration recently issued the national directory "(2016 Edition)" pointed out that the "eye" lamp quality safety risk monitoring, collected from the market / packing instructions marked with "eye" or "no stroboscopic lamp", a total of 32 batches, including 30 batches the sample does not meet the requirements of the monitoring, accounting for 93.8% of the total number of batches, were classified as grade I risk products, all lighting products in only one of the highest risk rating. In this paper, also pointed out that the national products to the eye in this category is not mandatory norms and provisions, is simply what kind of lights, is the eye, no standard that the term "eye" at present there is no scientific definition. Thus, the market has declared that "no stroboscopic lamp" features such as "eye" is just a marketing gimmick made lighting manufacturers. The eye lamp of inferior quality "not only to the eye, but may damage the eyesight, therefore, in the selection of the best lighting to regular shopping malls choice, good brand reputation, so as not to be deceived. Finally, Xiaobian want to say, what to protect the eyes the lights are not reliable, the most critical is the appropriate eye! LED lighting industry's first engineering enterprises to be listed: lighting industry has turned to the capital for in June last year, there are three lighting companies to enter the new board, but listed on the main board, uomnilamp is still the first. The engineering industry has not entered the capital market, it is understood that the uomnilamp revenue of around 200 million, in the field of lighting engineering is not very high, why larger companies not listed, a source of natural attribute in the interests of the chain of opaque, so that it can not open competition in the capital market. On the other hand, engineering companies can enter the scale business enterprise is not much. Uomnilamp is a set of whole city lighting project planning and design, installation and construction, LED lighting products R & D and production of specialized companies, in addition to do lighting project, but also the production of lighting products. The project is full of tension in the lighting industry, not only need to have their own brands and the scale of the strength of the enterprise, also need to market and capital docking, through industry consolidation, to achieve standardized management, to promote the healthy and sustainable development. This also marks the lighting industry market competition has shifted to the capital to compete.

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