What are the big thing in 2016 LED?
Source: Date:2018-01-05

After the Spring Festival has come back, for a week's work, the holiday syndrome cure? The monkey is coming, in this small series I wish you a happy new year, Business Flourishes! So without further ado, take a look at, since the opening, LED circle of what happens to the big things...... [article] international coffee - Dynamic - OSRAM CEO proposal to expand the general lighting market by SIEMENS with Reuters (Reuters) according to foreign media reports, in February 16th, the German lighting group OSRAM (OSRn.DE) CEO of expanding general LED lighting market strategy was the largest shareholder of the company SIEMENS (SIEGEn.DE) attack. Earlier, OSRAM shareholders disappointed it announced plans to invest 1 billion euros to build a new LED semiconductor factory in Malaysia strategy in 2015 November, when its share price plummeted 30%. Analysts also believe that the move is at risk, OSRAM will worry themselves competitive street lighting and commercial lighting market Home Furnishing. The Samsung is flexible to lose money selling equipment to adjust the LED cause South Korea Central Daily news media reported on the Japanese version of the 15, because the enemy Chinese manufacturers low offensive, so Samsung has significantly reduced the LED packaging business, located in Tianjin Chinese Samsung factory in LED packaging production line "amount" equipment has been sold to China at the end of last year the enterprise, but the future Samsung will continue production of LED chip; the Tianjin Samsung LED packaging production line is mainly to South Korea for career Xing production of LED wafer processing into lighting, TV backlight, and the sale of the LED packaging production line equipment forecast generates billions of won loss (i.e. the sale amount is lower than the price of the book loss of equipment; has been listed in the last 10-12 months earnings). Samsung official statement: "since 2012, Samsung is actively developing the next generation of LED technology, and the progress of the market supply to the LED light source, this is the mission of the company LED business components including LED packaging, LED module and LED machine, the. In order to make Samsung business more smoothly, and to maintain the operating efficiency, Samsung sold the equipment depreciation period is close to the LED production line equipment in January 2016. Samsung will continue to strengthen the company's management efficiency, and continue to promote flexible business strategy, to meet the trend of the overall LED market trends." The PHILPS Century Road hundred giant PHILPS way after the number of test? How to survive in a World War II? In the face of GE, SIEMENS and other international manufacturers to attack, PHILPS snatched from the jaws of death? In this five article, you will find the answer. PHILPS Century (1): the first twenty years of the PHILPS Century (two): how to become Europe's largest lighting company PHILPS (three century): a century ago half a century the survival strategy of PHILPS (four): why is PHILPS? The PHILPS Century (final): how to survive the Chinese acquisition of Lumileds rejected the reasons or because of secret LED chip technology involving the military during World War II in mid January of this year, waiting for nearly a year Chinese buyers, by the United States rejected its acquisition of Holland PHILPS's Lumileds company 80.1% of the shares of the transaction, and the reason is not always rejected known to the outside world. Recently, the "Reference News" quoted foreign media sources said, an expert and another person involved in the transaction the discussion revealed that the China ambitions in the chip field there is concern is the main reason for U.S. officials refused to approve the deal. However, insiders said that the United States rejected the deal, not because of the concerns of pure technical field of LED chip, but because the LED chip belongs to the technical field of semiconductor chip, if the technology for a variety of sophisticated electronic equipment and military field, is not conducive to the protection of the advantage industry. The GE in the United States full sale CFL sprint LED lighting bulb maker GE permeability America plans to stop selling bulbs (CFL), the market will be fully completed by the end of the sale, is expected to withdraw from the CFL market to sprint LED bulbs, LED bulbs, GE currently share behind the CREE (CREE), OSRAM (OSRAM), Philips (PHILPS), corporate vendors will be held again this year is expected to promotion, Taiwan factory LED price will not be easy, but rising shipments are expected to increase. The big hit! GE five thousand JP Morgan outlets installed LED lighting equipment Ge Corp (General Electric Co., GE) has been with J.P. Morgan (JPMorgan Chase & Co., JPM) reached an agreement for the latter 5000 bank branches in the United States to install new lighting device. General electric sales of LED lighting system of new business Current estimates, after installation, JP Morgan chase bank outlets and related lighting energy consumption will be reduced by 50%. According to the agreement, Current will bring about 1 million 400 thousand existing tube replaced LED lighting equipment in the next two years, covering 25 million square feet (2 million 320 thousand square meters) of the area. Current expects the annual lighting system of new laying will save 184 million kilowatts of energy consumption for JP Morgan. The amount of the transaction were not disclosed. [big coffee -] - and dynamic domestic articles not a dry photos, country star, mosopower changelight performance last year released 16 evening released results of letters, the year 2015, the company achieved total revenue of 625 million yuan, representing a growth of 46.70%; net profit attributable to shareholders of listed companies -8300.23 million fell 248.48% over the same period last year. Nationstar today released 2015 annual results letters, the company achieved total revenue of 1 billion 839 million yuan, an increase of 19.15%; net profit attributable to shareholders of listed companies was 160 million yuan, an increase of 10.64%. Moso February 16th released 2015 annual results letters, the year 2015 the company achieved total revenue of 909 million yuan, an increase of 44.72%; net profit attributable to shareholders of listed companies was 24 million 54 thousand and 200 yuan, an increase of 150.26%. The 780 million merger as the new cultural development of sports media resources Lehman Lehman shares 15 evening announcement, the company intends to 780 million yuan acquisition of Shenzhen city as the new culture media Co., Ltd. 100% stake, Lehman and China as the new culture will use different channels of media resources, to provide comprehensive advertising to the customer service delivery to the sports media resources customers extend to Metro TV resources, promotion to the sports media resources Metro TV Resources customers, achieve synergy. As the new cultural commitment to 2016 year 2017 year 2018 year to achieve net profit after deducting non recurring gains and losses were not less than 60 million yuan, 80 million yuan and 100 million yuan. The Siu Chi shares proposed increase fund-raising 2 billion 900 million yuan to force Internet TV business Siu Chi shares (002429) released February 18th non-public offering of A shares plan, the company intends to price 12.36 yuan / share the number of non-public offering is not more than 238 million 3 thousand and 108 shares, the total funds raised not more than 2 billion 941 million 560 thousand and 84 yuan. The non-public offering of shares of net proceeds (after deducting the cost of issue) will be used for Internet television service joint operation project. Abison holdings of the controlling shareholder of over 130 thousand shares of Abison, one of the February 18th afternoon announcement, the controlling shareholder of the company directors, deputy general manager Ren Yonghong in 17 days through the auction holdings of shares 138 thousand and 800 shares. After the holdings, Ren Yonghong directly held shares in the company 3.58.26 million shares, accounting for 19.0826% of the total equity of the company. The Hon Hai, SHARP production OLED grab iPhone 8 Panel orders Japanese media reported on the 12 issue of industry news, SHARP is operating reforming (Sharp) to accept Taiwan's Hon Hai aid, greatly increased the possibility of reconstruction, and Hon Hai expect to cooperate with SHARP, grabbed the apple (Apple) is expected to be on sale in 2018 iPhone OLED panel orders. According to reports, Foxconn plans to use SHARP Kameyama plant plant plant idle and existing equipment to establish OLED panel production technology, after the program began with a small amount of production in mid 2017, and in addition to Kueishan factories, small and medium-sized panels stronghold "SHARP closed in 2015 three the first factory may be re enabled the production of OLED panel; in addition, SHARP co operation (Foxconn / soil interface) 10 generation panel plant also consider the use of large size OLED panel TV production. The earthquake affected South TSMC, UMC and other affected households on the morning of 6 Taiwan earthquake of magnitude 6.4 struck near the epicenter of the park has been sporadic disaster, Taiwan foundry industry factory TSMC, UMC because the earthquake occurred in the wafer fragment, panel makers Innolux five factory room or even a small fire, a few hours fortunately after that fight, many manufacturers now shut down, to resume production after the loss of inventory. Taiwan industry bureau pointed out, the regional industrial disaster situation, only the Central Industrial Zone, there are two sporadic damage, District Bureau of industry of pipeline has no exception, rather than the current return conditions for industrial zone factory or office a little loss, the amount of loss in return Industry Bureau million, in part due to jump to stop the equipment has been put into production, the complex machine, is not affected, the company is expected to quickly clean up, recovery of production line. [industry phenomenon: quality gate - Beijing City & recall] Industrial and Commercial Bureau sun lamp is not a list of qualified enterprises listed in Guangdong before the Beijing city Industrial and Commercial Bureau announced the test results of 2015 the circulation of lighting equipment commodity quality checks on its website. The results showed that some of the goods quality problems, mainly for disturbance voltage, protection against electric shock and other projects do not meet the requirements of relevant standards. Never find a list of qualified, "Easthigh lighting" fluorescent lamp, "our poetry lighting" fixed LED lamps, 3G fluorescent lamp, TCL ceiling lamps, LED ceiling lamps, Baoda lighting "civilian" Qing Yi lighting ceiling type fluorescent lamps, "Sheng arrogant" fixed type fluorescent lamp "LONPai" LED "JUHAO high power lamps, juhao suction hanging type energy-saving fluorescent lamp apparatus, NVC lamps and other nominal trademark merchandise list. "Recall" and a Lunera recall about 60 thousand LED Lunera in the U.S. industrial lighting recall about 60 thousand lamps (including another 1000 are sold to Canada), the recalled product model is Lunera 13 watt Helen GX23 LED industrial lighting. The United States said that, in the case of a surge voltage occurs when the lamp will not be used. May cause problems such as circuit board burn. Lunera received a total of 11 this lamp overheating report. But without any user injury occurred. Consumers should immediately stop using the product, and contact Lunera to obtain a full refund. The lamps are Chinese manufacturing. I keep falling risk a global recall of millions of IKEA lamp ceiling lamp IKEA (U.S. and Canada) called for the purchase of HYBY, RINNA and / or LOCK lamps consumers to immediately remove the lamp, and sent to the IKEA for a full refund. This recall is due to the IKEA found in the installation process (not the correct tenon may cause a shade of stuck pressure) and tenon material may be glass lampshade of oppression and fracture, causing the risk of falling shade. At present, the United States and Canada IKEA IKEA received a total return of two related parts HYBY and a LOCK. There is no consumers injured.

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