Dialysis global automotive LED lighting market three emerging trends
Source: Date:2018-01-05

Research and consulting firm Technavio released the latest global automotive LED lighting market report and analyze the main trends in the global automotive LED lighting market 2016-2020. Technavio analysis may significantly impact the global automotive LED lighting market and three emerging trends caused by market fluctuations. In 2020 the global LED lighting market is expected to exceed $7 billion, a CAGR of over 18%. Global automotive LED lighting market showing explosive growth can be attributed to: LED light efficient, reliable and affordable lighting manufacturers strive for automobile manufacturers. Technavio auto analyst Vinay Hirakki said: "the introduction of innovative technology to improve vehicle safety and performance and auto parts price decline will help stimulate the automotive LED lighting products sales. The manufacturer is also the LED light vehicle development quality." The effect of Technavio Automobile Research Analyst summary of the global automotive LED lighting market three new trends: the next generation LED platform LED technology innovation providers are using the semiconductor technology development in every dollar higher lumen for customers to increase the cost advantage. High quality high-end LED headlamp is conducive to enhancing road safety, driving can provide better visibility. LED headlamp can reduce energy consumption and carbon dioxide emissions by reducing the heat, and also enhance the beauty of the car. LED lamp life of up to 25000 hours. LED technology innovation to promote the organic light emitting two tubes (OLED) development, OLED provides new opportunities for the design of lights and lamps, OLED lamps to create lighting without glare and non homogeneous transmission shadow, suitable for lights, taillights and indoor lighting. Lighting environment is becoming more and more popular lighting environment is mainly used for automobile interior decoration and aesthetic. The concept of luxury cars in 2007, has been extended to low cost models. Lighting environment through the installation of the light pipe and the aperture, the LED pin lamp to achieve in the car. The diffusion lens is connected to the vehicle's console, door panel, instrument panel and seat frame. As more and more car enthusiasts tend to customize the system of customer service, sales are increasing. "In the dark environment lighting to illuminate the necessary function, so as to bring convenience to the driver. The end user can control the car lighting intensity and color. Therefore, in the lighting environment of the forecast period will promote the development of the market." Vinay Hirakki added. The development of laser and OLED laser lighting lamps and OLED Lamps lighting technology is the most advanced automotive applications. However, due to its high cost, laser lights and OLED lights are mainly limited in luxury cars. The technology is still in the early stages of the forecast period based on the application of various models will increase, because the supplier in a variety of vehicles to launch low-cost OLED lamp and laser light. Laser lighting is a relatively new trend in the automotive industry. The laser light function including transmission to a blue laser diode to light scattering. The laser light LED lamp size small size is nearly 10 times. Compared with the current products on the market, the range of laser lamp has strong brightness and long. The manufacturer does not affect the light intensity under the condition of using the technology to reduce the size of the bulb. Laser lighting provides improved visibility, so as to improve the road traffic safety. For example, in the BMW I8 models used in laser headlight technology. Technavio expects that this technology will also be applied to other vehicles, the forecast period of laser lighting will drive market growth. Technavio analysts survey of global automotive LED lighting market top manufacturers include: Hella (Hella), KOTTO, Ma Ruili (Magneti Marelli) and valeo.

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