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Lunar 2015 is about to end, from the beginning to the end of the year, in the LED display on the land, a group of LED people running in order to survive and dreams, in order not to defeat the youth struggle. This is a pretty fight era, is a vibrant and impetuous age, but no matter what, love spell to win strong, serious! LED display 2015: with the capital before "2015, OR money money, to do the layout of the future self willed......" Turmoil in the stock market: Mainland A shares severe concussion, a rare occurrence in the phenomenon of too much of our economy and society. The stock market from 2200 points to 5100 points up only spent more than half a year; the stock market plunged to 3600 points from 5100 points in only half a month; a half a year, the stock market soared 40 trillion, and just half a month and lost 20 trillion. The stock market hit, listed companies have suspended the stock market themselves, the largest in the history of the suspension tide, 6 listed companies in the LED display, alto electronics, Lehman photoelectric, photoelectric, Chau Ming technology, Liyadejun has been suspended. Capital Carnival: Riyadh intends to acquire 890 million laford cultural Jin Lixiang, layout culture media, aibisen acquisition Wes Tektronix, enter the creative display, alto electronics intends to acquire 250 million QianBaiHui, enhance the LED lighting business scale, Lehman photoelectric comprehensive layout of the sports industry, the acquisition of Swiss infront sports into the punchline, Chau Ming technology capital century Dingyuan, expand overseas LED project, the acquisition of shares of Lehman Tinto share technology, enhance the company's competitiveness in the field of LED lighting, LED and advertising media "photoelectric quasi 2 billion racing together bridle to bridle, Howard purchased four media enterprises, Riyadh to develop increased nearly 2 billion acquisition of PLANAR. Three new board listed: 2015 is a year of rapid development of the new board, the new board of investment is the golden years. With the increasing difficulty of independent IPO, LED display for some enterprises, whether it is the motherboard, the gem or the board of small and medium-sized enterprises, the threshold is relatively high, and the new board to break the pattern, to make up for the Chinese capital markets, development of the shortcomings and deficiencies, so that small and medium-sized enterprises from the capital market cold. The new board of the low threshold naturally become the small and medium-sized enterprises bigger, in the financing platform to do the best to choose strong, leading a large number of small and medium-sized enterprises into. In China, the spirit of glorious vision, onbon technology, letter Foshan Qingsong successfully listed three new board. LED display? 2015: "2015, the market have a brilliant future opportuneity to market on my grasp......" Beijing won the right to host the 2022 Winter Olympics LED display industry opportunity to July 31, 2015, International Olympic Committee chairman Bach announced: Chinese Beijing won the 2022 twenty-fourth Olympic Winter games. According to statistics, the 2022 Winter Olympics in Beijing Zhang plans to build 3 Olympic Village, to enable the 12 competition venues, including three venues need to rebuild. The current public information display, there are two figures on the Winter Olympics budget, a tournament budget of approximately $1 billion 560 million, another is including competition venues and non competition venues, the venue construction budget, about $1 billion 510 million. With the stadium reconstruction, major venues outside the exhibition area will also need to purchase the corresponding LED display products, this will give the majority of domestic LED display enterprises the opportunity to show a project. Another great opportunity 2016 China stadium will usher in the first year of the revolution transformation LED display! 2016 will be the first year of sports venues and sports venues will focus on the transformation of the revolution, hardware upgrades and software innovation of the two main lines. Hardware upgrades will bear the brunt, including lighting system, display system, security system and environmental protection facilities, such segments will usher in the explosive growth. NDRC 1 trillion and 270 billion transportation projects detonated by the demand of rail transit is expected to screen LED screen into the "popular" 2015 NDRC opened PPP project library column in its website, published PPP to promote the project, the PPP released a total of 1043 projects, a total investment of 1 trillion and 970 billion yuan, the project covers the water conservancy facilities, municipal facilities, transportation facilities public services, resources and environment, etc.. Which involves the transport of 176 projects, investment of about 1 trillion and 270 billion yuan, accounting for a total investment of 64.5%. The approval of the 1 trillion and 270 billion transportation projects will bring a broad market and business opportunities for LED display industry! Small spacing is expected to stage to replace the original indoor large screen display the potential of national defense information market billion won the "12th Five-Year" period, the military national defense information technology is changing from the "model" to "Popularization" stage, is expected in 2015 China's national defense information market up to hundreds of billions, compound growth rate of 24%. At present, large screen display system has become an important information display terminal system, in the defense information market is naturally no exception, all kinds of military training, military exercises, military training and combat command daily have already cannot do without the help of large screen display system. It can be predicted that the rapid advance of national defense information technology will become an important force in large screen display application market size growth. Global advertising market will reach $50 billion 700 million according to prospective industry Research Institute released the "2015-2020 China outdoor advertising industry market outlook and investment strategy planning analysis report" shows that the first half of 2015, Chinese, outdoor advertising on the overall volume of 61 billion 500 million yuan, compared with the first half of 2014, up 11.6%. Global outdoor advertising market is expected in 2020 will reach $50 billion 700 million. From the above data, we can see the development space of the outdoor advertising market is huge, LED display as a new trend in twenty-first Century outdoor advertising media, the future market prospect is immeasurable. LED display 2015: innovation never stop "2015, you are on the road of innovation, I never dared to stop......" Chipshow released the most competitive LED stadium screen chipshow LED screen P10.67 the most competitive field release of a history, not only the light box between the hidden line design, and 3840HZ high refresh, protection class up to IP65. Gray screen control technology: LED screen control APP in the background of "Internet plus" swept all walks of life, the current technology innovation control system of LED display screen is most focused on small spacing display effect, few remote management on the Internet, mobile device management and the direction of breakthrough. Gray technology after fully developed for nearly a year, the upcoming release of the industry's first fully compatible with full-color single and double color screen mobile phone APP control (LedArt). World Premiere: Abison wall plate before the maintenance of small spacing (HDV Series) Abison held a small plate spacing HDV series headquarters in Shenzhen (including 1.2mm, 1.6mm, 1.9mm, 2.5mm different spacing) new conference. This product is the industry's first true sense of the maintenance of small pitch products, with the industry in the past on the "maintenance" of the concept of different products. Close to "terminator" monochrome screen turned out to sweep LED monochrome screen close to sunset the global storm to listed companies Linsen DIP246 lamps produce 2 million pieces, the ultimate goal of strategic development of Suzhou day micro industrial technology of constant current integration, Shanghai Ling letter monochrome gourmet IC / Nanjing music card control card control card, together to create a breakthrough monochrome screen industry product innovation bottleneck in the development of the storm, LED monochrome screen series PCB only a single panel can increase profits for enterprises incremental innovation, monochrome screen terminator series. Qianglijucai "S series" outdoor surface mount full-color bring perfect visual enjoyment "S series" with a luminous tube high brightness SMD three, red, green and blue three chips in a bowl bracket, multi angle, brightness consistency and light mixing effect class, with "delicate the effect of display, ultra low lamp attenuation, excellent waterproof performance stunning debut, sweeping the industry outdoor surface mount product trends. Only Austria video LVP6084K2K-LED video processor application example LVP608 is the industry's first professional LED display 4K2K video image processing equipment, only by the city of Shenzhen Olympic video technology Co. Ltd. in the United States InfoComm exhibition officially released listed. LVP608 does not need to perform any special processing video source, one can receive 4K2K signal, point-to-point synchronous display to the LED display, the maximum load of 8K2K/60Hz. LVP608 marks the birth of LED video image processing industry officially entered the era of 4K ultra hd! LED display? 2015: Reflections on the "2015, there are always some things that I thought, I need to change......" Collapse: 2015 LED industry will be doomed to an extraordinary year, in the country's "The Belt and Road" policy environment, whether domestic or export share of the economic environment, the overall environment of LED industry has gradually warmed up, but some companies have not always been able to stick to the LED spring to come. LED industry twice exposure inverted doors, Cheung innovative light technology and failed to survive the winter". Some of the initiatives review Cheung innovation in recent years, it is not hard to see why this occurs at the end of 2014, Cheung innovative preparation for one million yuan to purchase heavily on its production equipment, expand. This phenomenon not only appears in this company, Cheung innovation, many LED enterprises of industry blowout could not be assessed accurately, that the industry will have continued explosive growth, and increase investment in the blind: plant equipment, expand production capacity, and even some companies spend lots of money to purchase land cover plant. Light technology is almost used in other Cheung innovative script, according to the latest news, the light has confirmed that the root cause of the collapse of the collapse is still the capital chain rupture. In production capacity, financing channel is not sufficient condition to rashly eat a big one, with a single business but have no ability to achieve success and win recognition, and experience to deal with, eventually fell to the floor space of the end man. Throughout recent years, the closure of enterprises, regardless of their location, blind expansion, resulting in cash flow tight until completely fracture is the main reason for the bankruptcy of the enterprises. Security risks: July 23, 2015, Ruzhou city animal husbandry Culture Square Theatre in Ruzhou encountered special square performance in the background, the electronic screen slowly dumping, 5 people were injured. March 19, 2015, Tokyo Chiyoda imperial theatre large LED screen collapse accident occurred. The accident resulted in five dancers and a staff were injured, one seriously injured, fortunately no life-threatening. In October 30, 2015, at the Guangxi Sports Center, Jolin is singing LED display will be built together with the stage lamp suddenly collapsed. At present, 1 people were killed and more than 10 injured. LED display: 2015 dialogue "2015, he said that the industry is not cold, hope in your hands......" China optics Optoelectronics Industry Association LED display applications branch chairman Guan Jizhen: "LED display in the last few years a began to cut prices, this is because the LED production price down now, chip prices down, the cost dropped compared to the past, the price of the product will be cut, just like the TV set. The price decline will bring certain promotion sales, this is the law of the market." Large screen projection display equipment branch secretary Zhao Handing: "there is a phenomenon, once the market is good, high efficiency of the industry

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