Mexico uses the "ledcom" service Li-Fi connection technology commercialization
Source: Date:2018-01-05

Mexico uses a "ledcom" service, in the global first Li-Fi (Guang Baozhen) connection technology commercialization. Ledcom is located in Mexico Colonia SiSoft company research and development, and achieve the delivery in January 2016, the audio and video transmission, and Internet speeds of up to 15 megabits per second. Visible light wireless data transmission and wireless network system can make a room by room more than one light emitting diode, to replace the traditional modem and Wi-Fi signal. LED light is modulated to the pplm signal transmission; if the light is bright enough, even in the photoelectric sensor is inserted into the USB notebook computer or other equipment to occur before detection of diffuse reflection. SiSoft CEO Arturo Campos Ventanes said, including the United States, Russia, Israel and China countries are committed to the technology research and development, but Mexico will be the first technology to market and make it adapt to daily use. "Imagine all kinds of lamps through Internet links, avoid all Internet offers speed and bandwidth saturation." Campos said. He added that the technology in the economy can be independent, because the traditional lamp for LED lamps, reducing energy consumption, saving money can be used to pay for the ledcom system. Although Li-Fi transmission rate depends on the supplier, but the rate can range from 200MB/s to 10GB/s in some cases (equivalent to 30 seconds to download HD movies). Mexico SiSoft company expects monthly production of 10000 control chip. Campos said supporting different components will be provided, ranging from five to the whole lighting lamps in the home or office. The control unit is located in the lamp "we intend to aesthetic design of the lamp, and can achieve the optimal data transmission light intensity," Campos said, "in addition, we have a product, the technology will be stored in a table, there is a receiver."

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