Bourne optics has officially launched
Source: Date:2018-01-05

This is a called China's most secretive company has not opened the official website, the boss will never accept any media interview, but it is the world's largest mobile phone screen glass supplier, apple, Samsung, NOKIA, millet and other brands of mobile phone manufacturers for its customers, it is Bourne optics. January 22nd, President Bourne optical Yang Jianwen confirmed to reporters said, the company has officially launched the listing plan by the end of 2016, financing $2 billion, "in the A shares, or Hong Kong stocks, has not yet officially confirmed". Actually, Bourne optics to be listed on the news early spread in the industry, but have not been able to obtain the company confirmed that the company is listed, but does not seem to finance. "Companies are not short of money, there is no external borrowing." Yang Jianwen told reporters, Bourne optical 2015 operating income was about 30000000000 yuan, in 2016 operating income is expected to exceed 40 billion yuan. "Bourne optical listed to be listed in order to deal with the blue Synopsys competition." Insiders believe that this analysis. Money also listed public information display, Bourne optics was founded in 1986, is funded by private enterprises, formerly Fuji Optical Co. Ltd. and Bourne Optical Co. Ltd., 2010, formally integrated into the Bourne Optical Co. Ltd., is currently the world's largest producers of glass panel, the global city accounted for more than 60% years, the total output value of Shenzhen two main production base in Huizhou and more than 30 billion yuan. "Bourne optical plant in Shenzhen Huizhou two in the total area of over 1 million 200 thousand square meters, a total of more than 100 thousand employees two." Mr. Yang Jianwen said, apple, Samsung, HTC, SONY and other international brands the company orders accounted for 90% of output, while in the mainland market, has provided a glass screen for millet, cool, HUAWEI and other companies account for about 10% of the output value. Actually, Bourne did not do the first optical mobile phone screen, but the main business watch glass production. Reporters learned that Yang Jianwen started in the last century in 80s, after 2003 came into contact with the screen of the mobile phone manufacturing, 2007 Apple Corp production of the first generation glass screen, Yang Jianwen started working with apple, has been more than 8 years. According to statistics, Bourne optics and blue Synopsys is Apple's two largest supplier of mobile phone screen, Samsung Corp, the world's largest last year, two output value were about 24000000000 yuan and about 12000000000 yuan. Apple Bourne optical orders share of approximately 35%, Samsung accounted for about 25% of the optical Bourne order, "Bourne advocated diversification, customer focused not on an apple." Yang Jianwen said. Thanks to apple, Samsung and other smart mobile phone sales, Bourne optics and the founder of Yang Jianwen wealth grow with each passing day. According to public media news, Yang Jianwen net worth of $10 billion 100 million, has been ranked the fourth richest in Hongkong. According to media reports, blue Synopsys founder Zhou Qunfei and Bourne optics are inextricably linked, she worked at the Bourne young family business "work" for many years, left after the creation of a blue Synopsys, and became Bourne's biggest rival. "Bourne optics has been no lack of money, no external borrowing, had no listing plan, and now choose to visit the capital market, is likely to be stimulated by the blue Synopsys competition." Insiders told reporters analysts said this. Affected R & D advantage and scale expansion of cost, at present it is difficult to see the third companies rose to become the Bourne optical rival." The domestic fund researchers think so. Overweight sapphire industry it is worth noting that, in recent years Bourne optics and roshow technology cooperation, continue to overweight the sapphire crystal new material input. January 22nd afternoon, roshow technology announcement that it intends to Bourne roshow sapphire Co. Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as Bourne roshow) to increase 100 million yuan, Bourne Bourne roshow optical intends to increase 150 million yuan, after the completion of the capital increase the registered capital, Bourne dew laugh from 1 billion yuan to 1 billion 250 million yuan change. This is the third increase of both sides, as early as April 1, 2014, roshow technology signed an agreement with Bourne optics, jointly funded the establishment of Bourne roshow Sapphire Limited, the registered capital of 500 million yuan, roshow cash invested 200 million yuan, accounting for 40% stake, Bourne optical accounted for 60%, the scope of business including artificial sapphire crystal materials processing and sales research and development. Roshow technology said in its announcement, the capital for the construction of 600 stations in the United States intends to introduce large size sapphire crystal growth equipment and production facilities, through the introduction of a higher degree of automation of American equipment, help sapphire production process diversification and reduce Blaupunkt stone production cost, Bourne optics and roshow technology will to put Bourne roshow into the world's largest and most excellent quality sapphire production base. Sapphire is a high-tech production of new materials industry, the existence of market forecast method or actual demand data asymmetry, leading to the risk of market demand and market competition have changed greatly. At present, domestic and international market for sapphire production technology has made certain progress, but still in the development stage, there are some technical risk. The capital increase will have a certain impact on the company's current profit." Roshow technology announcement said. Yang Jianwen said to reporters, Bourne optics roshow sapphire since Bourne into a separate supply, supply can not meet the demand, Bourne roshow sapphire has no existing inventory, and this year, in August 7 Bourne optical high demand, the existing equipment production capacity is not enough, there needs a new increase sapphire production equipment about 1000 units. For roshow technology, which is the main industry of enameled wire, energy-saving CNC motor, turbocharger design, manufacturing and sales, now also followed Bourne with increasing of sapphire optical business investment, the company will form electromechanical and sapphire two new industry." Roshow technology secretaries Lee Chen Tao told reporters. Query roshow technology announcement shows that Bourne roshow currently has nearly 700 80 kg class sapphire crystal growth furnace, in August last year, the release set by the plan, intended to raise funds not exceeding a total of 1 billion 320 million yuan, which is set by the project and part of the funds invested Lu Tong electrical intelligent Sapphire crystal growth furnace research and development project, the acquisition of roshow optical sapphire cutting and polishing equipment and inventory and add liquidity, while the given program has been reviewed by the commission.

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