Analysis of the lighting market prospects: imagination is good, the reality is cruel
Source: Date:2018-01-05

Perhaps, we would expect to have 100 of the market, but the reality of the market is always and imagination are not the same. However, what is the actual market and the ideal market what is the difference? Day before, according to the current lighting market, part of the national enterprise and business representatives to survey five stars as the standard, in the minds of enterprises and businesses, the current market boom is three star general market boom. The market downturn is mainly manifested in: 1, the macro economic environment is not optimistic; 2, the traditional market by the impact of the electricity supplier; 3, industry competitive pressures; 4, market traffic declined sharply; 5, the real estate downturn, commercial housing vacancy rate is high; 6, the industry reshuffle intensified...... In addition, market boom as 3 stars, the hot market is mainly reflected in: 1, the LED market continues to heat up, large capacity; 2, the market just to be still; 3, commercial lighting market is good; 4, three or four line market gradually expanded; 5, engineering market slightly warmer...... How about the status of lighting market? Recently learned from the feedback information, around the market are different problems, including: product price war is fierce; the homogeneity of the products, the low-end products flooding the market; excessive lighting market development; manufacturers more and more small living space...... Under this background, the industry integration and reshuffle will be intensified, the lack of competitive advantage of enterprises will be eliminated by society. On the whole, the terminal lighting market toward standardization and diversification. First, business model to diversified development. With the rapid development of Internet, electronic commerce lighting industry rapid growth, has become one of the business model of lighting manufacturers can not be ignored. Secondly, enterprise price war continues to heat up. Recently, FSL, OPPLE, Linsen lighting and lighting benbon electric appliance and other well-known brand based T8 lamp price war started, caused a great sensation in the lighting industry. Finally, industry merger integration is the trend. This year, the "acquisition", "integration" and other words have become one of the most popular words in the lighting industry, industry consolidation is the current industry trends. Lighting market in the future, will continue to be the "survival of the fittest", innovative enterprises will achieve sustained and stable growth, and some lack of competitiveness of the small and medium-sized enterprises will be eliminated by the industry. Market performance is not good, who is more responsible? 1 parties hold one word, "win" from a distance regional market construction, it is particularly important for enterprises or businesses, is the manufacturer of the common development of both sides, to achieve win-win ties. For enterprises, the regional market is done well, can the deep extension of the regional market, will own the brand rooted in the terminal, enhance corporate reputation; for businesses, the regional market is the important base of the main sales performance and survival. Facing the construction of the regional market, more and more enterprises think it is their own problems, and will not be responsible to unilaterally in the business; and also with the construction of the regional market, businesses are more than manufacturers, in addition to their "capricious" that the regional market is a double side of their responsibilities and responsibilities, but also the "courage" will be the responsibility of manufacturers to unilaterally. 2, the market for pay, who can not escape on the one hand, manufacturers both manufacturers is a community of interests, both sides have a responsibility to promote regional market construction, mutual commitment and cooperation to complete the construction of the regional market, and ultimately achieve a win-win. On the other hand, rely on the power to complete the construction of the regional market. As the enterprise, should be in the regional market development work, to play the lead role, initially for businesses to open up the market, then through brand promotion, terminal construction, personnel training mode, with businesses make regional market. As a business, they should play a leading role in the construction of the regional market, at the same time with the manufacturers in the regional market in many aspects of the work.

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