In 2015, LED industry development industry heavyweights view
Source: Date:2018-01-05

Current LED industry environment is not good, in the cold market situation, still have emerged many new technologies and new products. How to look at the development and industry heavyweights is 2015 LED industry? Photoelectric Marketing Manager Yuan Zheng LED: the company one after another in the middle of 2015 declared bankruptcy, the entire LED industry encountered "closures" struck. The overall situation of economic downturn is certainly caused by such incidents, but most of the time with the company's mismanagement, a complacent undeniable connection, so in the face of the overall industry closures struck, LED display industry company how to withstand the pressure? At present from the big environment LED outdoor display (mainly advertising screen) the market slowdown, while the LED small spacing screen market is gradually expanding, AV industry occupy more market share, DLP LCD, and gradually formed a situation of tripartite confrontation situation; for most LED companies, to ensure the steady growth of traditional business, develop new products is the main strategy this year the; and development strategy of small and medium-sized enterprises in LED industry is changing, "big" enterprise with the integration of "small" enterprises to focus on a single product or a single market All have the development direction; due to economic reasons and the RMB exchange rate issue has caused the overseas market downturn, indicates that in 2015 the LED industry is a cold winter. Chau Ming Technology Marketing Director Cai three: A, market demand, industry overcapacity, LED industry competition, homogenization of serious, fierce price war, industry consolidation climax, cross-border mergers and acquisitions had become the norm, small enterprises are gradually eliminated, competitive advantage gradually tilted to the advantage in technology, channels and scale advantages the strength of the enterprise, the bigger the market gradually. Some large LED companies began to bid farewell to the past because of the big screen simply sell the survival mode, with the advantage of system integration solutions provider, began to receive various fields. B, small spacing of LED industry is still the meat and potatoes, with the continuous emergence of new technologies and a variety of "down to earth" products, the application of small spacing LED in indoor and outdoor has been continually expanding gradually to the development trend of cost control technology and innovation should be diversified by close. Abison photoelectric research center director Yan He: LED application products industry is a technical progress of the industry quickly, the upgrading of products very fast. In recent years, the rapid integration of LED display industry constantly, constantly improve the industry concentration, especially the listed companies to focus on the trend in strengthening. In 2015 the LED display industry, the size of the market will continue to increase. Dongshan Precision Marketing Center Deputy General Manager Zhao Chunlei: LED display manufacturers should learn how to do a real indoor display, regard themselves as indoor display products suppliers, to standardize operation, and optimize their own strengths, not involved in the price war. Chipshow marketing deputy general manager Thunderstorm: this year there are many companies go bankrupt, actually I think this is a very good and mature phenomenon, the industry has been gradually mature. Any one industry will go through the embryonic period, development period, rapid growth period, mature period and decline period. Any one of the economy will be a period of the first half of 2016, I think is not good, but the second half of 2016 there will be a period of prosperity, now including the second half of the year, whether national leaders continue to access to the outside, a good relationship with all countries, including the world recognize that economic recovery. Silan azure general manager Jiang Zhongyong: should be said that this year the entire chip pressure is still relatively large, the industry downturn, business compared with last year, or there are certain differences. The price decline is still relatively large, after all, the main reason is overcapacity. While the market is also cold with our whole Chinese economic status are closely related, can only say that the more serious display in the LED industry. But also in the domestic market, the lack of a sound mechanism to protect the product, resulting in the emergence of a new product, a few days and others will do, resulting in product homogeneity, the lack of competitive advantage, plus the excess of investment, and finally we have the price war in the solution, we all make no money. Therefore, the development of the industry is still the key to continuously optimize the production capacity, to play their own advantages, improve product performance and other congenital conditions, resulting in the industry go much longer. HC semitek marketing director Shi Songgang: Global Industry in the rapid integration period, competition pattern changing, LED industry has been in rapid change, emergence of new products and new technology, the future will become the norm. This is the challenge and opportunity for LED enterprises, companies need from the specific business and capital cooperation two layer area to open up the situation. Strive to win the initiative in the key industry consolidation period, to further strengthen the company's industry leading position and competitiveness. Crystal ingot morning deputy general manager Wang Junbo: competition in strengthening, gathered at speed, while the 2015, 2016 should be hard for two years. Packaging industry is facing the competition to strengthen the situation, from the area of application, the big big trend began to appear, but the profit rate also decreased at the beginning to enter the threshold rising, basically has bid farewell to the old you have several sets of equipment can produce the era, and more consideration to your technical ability, financial ability the scale and capacity. Display, lighting and chip industries are in rapid folding, but there will still be a lot of enterprise survival space in the rapid folding process. I think that this industry before playing too many "poison", to now become very fat, in a fat state, while the current market is changing from the food to the renegade puffiness. To survive in the industry better to strengthen their own exercise constantly, with characteristics and strengths as the foundation for the development of the. Changelight chief engineer Zhang Yong: last year, several major domestic LED chip factory for a new round of expansion, this year will continue peatlands, 2015 LED is a very competitive business year. But the LED market demand continues to grow, the emerging applications market will continue to be developed, as long as there is a market, there is a demand, is still optimistic about the long-term. Of course, the competition will lead the industry reshuffle, the survival of the fittest, through competition, will also force the enterprises to continuously upgrade, continuous innovation, continuous improvement, and ultimately have the advantage of enterprises will survive. Country star general manager RGB photoelectric devices division Ouyang Xiaobo: compared to the previous two years, the development trend of LED industry in 2015 as expected, but the price of civilians, to replace the light source based on factors such as tide, LED industry in the global economy is relatively low, growth is still relatively high. LED packaging products continue to maintain a strong market demand, backlight and lighting market competition, especially the lighting market, in competition with the peak shuffling process. If you use several words to sum up, the price decline, fierce competition, standardized product formation, performance improvement is slow this year will be keywords in LED industry. 2015 can be said to be the LED industry reshuffle, but also can be said to be the opportunity. There are a lot of LED enterprise cash flow difficulties due to the sharp drop in orders, because production capacity can not meet the market demand, lack of technical R & D capability collapse. But some enterprises have to seize the opportunity, through the promotion of technology development, reasonable industrial layout adjustment, and actively develop business in the LED industry is getting better. Facing increasingly fierce competition in the LED industry, as a leader, nationstar while maintaining the original LED whole industry chain advantages, actively involved in research and development of LED new technology and new applications, and strive to achieve an important position in the future LED industry pattern. Dr. Jingtai technical director Shao Pengrui: emergence of new products and technology innovation industry, this is undoubtedly an important aspect to ensure the competitiveness of the market in the industry. The development of comprehensive two years ago, LED industry, enterprises in their practice "internal strength" at the same time, but also should refine and optimize the existing products constantly, will play to the extreme performance of each product, it should be every magic is the survival and development of enterprises. M.L.S. general manager Lin Jiliang: small pitch LED display, LED display industry does give a broader market space and development opportunities, including the use of indoor and outdoor display screen. I think to look back on the big screen, the standard small spacing is a big trend, but also has a shaped screen bright prospect. While the LED display in both indoor and outdoor, the absolute superiority in the large display area, the future development space industry is still relatively large. The Ministry of science and technology accumulation market director Huang Bingkai: Industry in 2015 showed M type development, manufacturers with capital and talent advantage in pushing high pitch LED display continues to enter the threshold, and the module factory at lower prices hit the low-end market. The second tier manufacturers suffered under attack, the future only engaged in special market medium-sized screen factory can survive or be manufacturers of mergers and acquisitions. Surface mount LED to replace the line lights, the situation is due to emerge, leading the wave module factory, the falling instead of rising prices, the supply chain no benefit. Finally, the market finished with LED display components price chaos, the phenomenon of frequent bargain will continue for a long time, such as the collapse of the wave until before the wave of resurgence, poor physical fitness manufacturers out of the market or continue to adjust and respond to large, steady. Suzhou riyuecheng technology chairman Zhao Yichen: in 2015, the whole industry in hot and cold, some technology and low quality enterprises fell, at the same time, a lot of unique (product, technology, market positioning, etc.), strong innovation capability of enterprises is still in the development path, remarkable from the listed companies and market segments leading the performance of the company. In 2015 the industry should still maintain growth, the growth rate is expected to individual can see the high 20%. Personally think that as long as the whole industry to truly "a person with breadth of vision, attention to technological innovation, strengthen quality control, pay attention to market segmentation, vigorously explore the overseas market, small spacing market, as soon as possible from the price competition to the value of competition, to drive low price products, LED display industry will get more development space. Hit the northern market technical director Qin Jian: the last 2015 LED industry is an eventful year, part of the LED display manufacturers operating difficulties, bankruptcy is not a minority, but this did not stop the pace of development of LED display technology, some new technologies such as super LED TV, 3D, naked eye EMC/EMI; each industry has its own law of development, after years of development, LED display industry is now approaching the market saturation, the stagnation phenomenon, you can see some of the LED display manufacturers have closed down due to operational difficulties and the news media from the various channels not long ago. LED display industry really encountered a bottleneck in the development, to continue the healthy and rapid development of the? Development of LED display industry in? Our existing market environment, outdoor installation of LED

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