LED lighting industry in the future will be from the era of hardware to software
Source: Date:2018-01-05

2015 is the industry's most FSL toss a year. Industry has been hitherto unknown events, whether big or small and medium enterprises have felt like earthquake wave. Such as FSL and nationstar is the acquisition of state-owned assets rising, as the Buddha of 11 directors and supervisors resignation report etc.. Shunde enterprise has always been to "dare" famous industry, lighting companies in Shunde in 2015 also came the news, beautiful lighting issued a "Notice of liquidation" after moving to Jiangxi, hoping to create a "beautiful", but did not realize this desire. Tovey and Shunde Huaqiang two other well-known lighting companies operating nearly 30 years of this state are disturbing news. Related industry data show that in 2015 there are about 4000 LED enterprises (including the upstream chip and middle downstream lighting applications) disappeared, especially in the downstream enterprises, in 2018 the number of enterprises to be reduced by half. Analysis of professionals, these enterprises in Foshan appears to be the epitome of the lighting industry, lighting enterprises should attach great importance to the Foshan local change is happening. So how to look at the 2015 national lighting industry the difficulties? The author believes that in addition to the existence of environmental problems and other industries, has its unique industry, specific analysis is as follows: 1. to FSL as the representative of the listed company, Linsen launched a price war in the light source products. Such as the 18WLED lamp from hundreds of Yuan straight down to less than ten yuan. NVC, OPPLE furniture and commercial lighting lamps flagship company launched a price war in lamps, resulting in extreme market confusion, no profit space of enterprise profits to support rapid decline, a large number of small and medium-sized enterprises and even some listed companies with no profits had to withdraw from the market. At the same time, the entire market, from the chip package to the assembly of the entire chain of production costs decline, lack of funds and capital support the troubled. Listed companies use the capital against competitors, expand market share, small and medium-sized enterprises try to rush to market, want to rely on financing funds to crack the plight. 2. LED long-life advantages make smaller market space. In the era of traditional lighting, product life from hundreds of hours to thousands of hours. Because life is short, fast product replacement, the replacement rate is high, market demand. LED product life is ten times longer than traditional lighting or even dozens of times, the service life of the total market demand is low, some enterprises hit five year warranty, some manufacturers even have a lifetime warranty on the surface, so that the market seems to be great, in fact the market capacity decline. At present, the number of enterprises has exceeded 10000, huge production capacity can not be effectively released, collapse is a normal phenomenon. 3. the impact of the traditional market sales network. With OPPLE, NVC brands such as increase in network marketing layout, Taobao, Jingdong and other large number of individual shop to join, because the shop's operating cost is much lower than the line cost, many of the traditional marketing mode of enterprise survival more difficult, production costs, labor costs, operating costs continue to rise, corporate profits lower, down the traditional mode sales make the enterprise into a loss. According to the survey, even with the electricity supplier manufacturers are not many real earnings. The network model of the impact of the company's profits, and the LED product main energy-saving advantages than traditional lighting, but the network online and offline channels of the war, such LED price is close to the traditional lighting, some have been cheaper than traditional lighting, such LED but could not sell a good price, most of the enterprises and dealers at a loss the edge. Then, 2016 and the next ten years of lighting industry in the future? For the future, we conducted exchanges with many companies in Germany, our conclusion is that the outlook is not optimistic. In 2015, we cooperated with a German company, the success of full spectrum (near the sun) lamp into the German military shipbuilding industry, is used in Germany and the German cruise ship cruise. For everyone on the future market confusion, the author consulted with the German company a Chinese named "good brother" of the president, he said, the German Research on light health has more than 20 years of history, and from the military, research on how people in the submarine and closed environment live. The German entrepreneur said, the Germans tried a lot of methods, finally found that only change the light, the simulation of human life mode and emotion mode, in order to stabilize the officers and men of the emotion. Since then, Germany will light as a professional discipline. Germany now has developed the use of lighting to cure a variety of diseases, such as Blu ray treatment of children with jaundice and yellow light in the treatment of depression, and now even the German aircraft also use blue to stabilize the passenger's mood. The German entrepreneur said, now Germany's lights are welcoming the mode, mode of entertainment and dining mode, emergency mode, rest mode, visitor mode and so on. McDonald's Germany also used red to stimulate consumer appetite. Germany's top scientists have developed a variety of therapeutic effects of different colors of light of human organs. At present we buy Lamps on the exterior, in fact lights only to people's life and health plays a decisive role, is the embodiment of the value of the product. In summary, the author believes that the change is in the lighting industry China nodes, four thousand companies have shut down, there will be four thousand home service company, the reasons are as follows: 1. product value change. Drop LED energy card influence, but the influence of the rapid increase of health card. Because the LED technology and the demand for healthy life continues to improve, there is radiation, lighting color, blue light hazards, flicker, glare and other seven product index, improper use will cause headaches, insomnia, arrhythmia, eye damage and other symptoms, serious impact on physical and mental aspects of health. Consumers from the original to the lamp appearance demand rise to light health needs, leading to a large number of high value-added and intelligent products listed. 2. product sales change. From the store mode to customization, or from the pharmacy mode to hospital. The traditional mode of service and lack of quantitative data, only the price of no value, and custom models can be a full range of services for different groups of consumers, the introduction of different lighting modes, pay attention to the consumer experience and physical and mental health, improve the added value of products. The product value increased by ten times or even several times, from industry to industry trillion billion. 3. product technical change. Because LED has outstanding advantages of lighting can be used additional communication, disinfection, medical, health, culture, music and other new products continue to emerge, the performance space, the scope of application of various new product portfolio will be expanded, from a single function into infinite combination of functions, and for different markets, expand the scope of application, cross-border cooperation will be leading the market. In fact, development process of development and change of the lighting industry is technological change, the development of this field and communication products similar to, you know, over the past ten or twenty years, we have experienced a change of telephone, BB, mobile phone, mobile phone intelligent simulation, and each period has a strong incoming and outgoing. So, with the main lighting energy-saving card market is not over, the health and the era of cross-border trillion market has come. In 2016 and the next ten years, the lighting industry due to a revolution of LED technology and OLED products, from the lighting hardware era to meet the various needs of the software era, the prospect of the industry, will shine a light.

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