Japan's new policy to expand the LED lighting market
Source: Date:2018-01-05

The Japanese government currently carried out in December 22nd "special meeting of global warming countermeasures to promote this part", to develop countermeasures of warming, and the implementation of the Paris agreement COP 21 recommendations as soon as possible and put forward specific plans and countermeasures. The Japanese government hopes to reduce greenhouse gas emissions, as well as the introduction of more energy policies to achieve a better environment. Prime Minister Abe Shinzo said, in the warming of the earth, is one of the most important topics in the current cabinet, economic growth and global warming countermeasures are not contradictory, to work together with the international community. In the previous Japan East Japan earthquake, there have been quite a lot of green energy and energy saving, to combat global warming policy, and the penetration rate of LED lighting to enhance, reduce the proportion of the use of thermal power generation strategy, will be more of. Global warming countermeasures to promote this part is affecting the global green energy policies in the "Kyoto Protocol" after the establishment of the Japanese government, is in the Heisei 9 years December 19th, 1997 is set up. At this stage, Japan is going to Japan in the July 17, 2015 draft constraint has been made to implement, to further reduce Japan's carbon emissions, will be in the spring of 2016, the Central Committee and the environment, the industrial structure will have to consider coordination and cooperation work more, also hope that through the spontaneous movement of Japan national, NPO, around the promotion organization, the direction against the warming of the earth to do more work, arouse people's awareness of energy saving reform. Including fuel cells, solar energy, new green energy strategies and other aspects, import high efficiency lighting system energy saving, public sector and commercial departments, the household sector are points of the Japanese government policy, the future should be more practical to expand, the LED lighting market in Japan, there should be considerable help.

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