Seoul subway and shopping malls will use the LED lamp, the approach of energy self-sufficiency plan
Source: Date:2018-03-05

Nuclear power has been all over the world are quite focus on the problem, since the Fukushima nuclear disaster, the neighboring countries for the importance of nuclear safety more attention. In the South Korean capital of Seoul, in 2011 began to promote the "nuclear power plant" (One Less Nuclear Power Plant) plan, expected by the capital saving, to achieve the purpose of South Korea's nuclear waste.

Seoul municipal government will start from many aspects, such as in the surrounding area and Dongjak Mapo about 10 thousand of the roof, all install solar panels. According to the energy saving rate and to decrease the housing tax, and in the subway and shopping malls, full use of LED lamp intelligent induction type, to avoid unnecessary waste, and subsidies for green enterprises, creating employment opportunities, more established to citizens as the leading fund, in cooperation with the government, monitoring the electricity consumption change etc., the purpose is to make Seoul into a green city.

According to statistics, around the city of Seoul although no nuclear power plants, but the power consumption is 10% of the country, the Seoul municipal government will begin to promote the "less of a nuclear power plant" plan, relying on energy self-sufficiency in order to achieve the purpose of saving. In 2011, Seoul's energy self-sufficiency rate of 3%. As for the current energy self-sufficiency rate is up to 6.4%, and was originally estimated to reach 8% by the end of the target is similar, while the Seoul municipal government is estimated to reach 20% in 2020, the self-sufficiency rate is also stable, progress towards this goal, expectations can really save a nuclear power plant.

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