LED lighting is the sea wave: Russia will increase imports
Source: Date:2018-03-05

Russian business consulting website reported on June 16th, that launched by the Russian company Express review LED Lighting Market Research in the past 3 years, the Russian LED lighting market to more than doubled every year. LED According to Russian Federation's National Bureau of statistics, 2012 LED lighting production growth of nearly 1.5 times. According to the plan, the next few years will be built LED lamps in new capacity can be expected, LED lighting production in Russia will continue to grow.

About LED lamp imports, according to Russia's accession to the WTO, the tariff of LED lamps will be reduced year by year, to 2015 will be zero tariff. This will not only reduce the average price of imported LED lamp, and will lead to increased imports. However, according to the company's express review analyst estimates, however, with the increase of Russian national production, import LED lighting market will gradually reduce dependence.

The expert review, fast prediction, in the next few years, with the popularity of LED lighting to improve the rate, in kind, the market will still maintain a relatively high growth rate, on the contrary, the average price of the market will decline, which leads to the form of value represents the market growth rate will be low.

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