LED sample: Ningbo global optical shuffle tide was rising
Source: Date:2018-03-05

According to the reporter learned that the latest, LED lighting industry as typical photoelectric enterprises in Ningbo District, Ningbo global yusipu Investment Holdings (Group) Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as "yusipu group") has recently been mired in debt crisis.

"In fact, in recent years, due to poor sales, yusipu group's LED business has been at a loss, after the company started involving listed companies and bank equity diversified investment profit, nurturing optoelectronics industry access, but in the second half of 2013, the company to think afterwards, part of the bank loan maturity, the bank will not the extension of the outbreak of the crisis." An insider said.

According to its introduction, yusipu total foreign debt owed by more than 400 million yuan, the vast majority of banks and trust loans, other enterprises and private lending, the Chinese bank, Huaxia Bank, Shanghai Pudong Development Bank, Ningbo bank and other banks have loan defaults, and because the collateral suspected to repeat the pledge, is difficult to recover.

The reporter called the company, did not get in touch.

LED shuffle tide samples

Yusipu group was founded in Ningbo in 2004, the registered capital of 50 million yuan. In the second half of 2013 before shutdown, which owns the Ningbo global Au Optronics Co (hereinafter referred to as the "Ningbo global photoelectric"), Ningbo global useful Electric Co., Ltd, Ningbo city yusipu yusipu Shanghai catering company limited subsidiary.

It is understood that the yusipu group started by LED, after which the electronic energy-saving lamps, flat-panel TV sets R & D, production as the two main pillar industry.

Reporters get yusipu group a trust scheme recommend material shows that the peak in 2010 annual sales of 200 million yuan, profit of about 20000000 yuan, the special energy-saving lamp exports ranked ninth domestic counterparts.

However, it is understood that, with the domestic LED industry park related business practitioners in 2006 blossom everywhere, before and after intensive influx. On the contrary, after the global economic crisis in recent years, LED exports shrink dramatically, industry overcapacity has very obvious.


To this end, yusipu group were two adjustments, one is, the performance of the company is stepping up photoelectric, Ningbo global optical IPO, around 2011 has entered the counseling period; on the other hand, involved in the operation of the capital investment, shares of listed companies has Ningbo construction, Lanzhou bank shares.

"In 2012, the domestic LED industry overcapacity phenomenon has attracted much attention, the photoelectric enterprises listed basically sealed, although the main supply yusipu group operating income of global optoelectronics, but the short-term market has basically impossible." The insider said.

It is understood that the group yusipu crisis in the second half of 2013, at the time, because the Ningbo global optical has been in a substantial loss, many lenders out of strong will, in July of that year, yusipu group overseas sales of a sum of money just to enter the domestic account is a loan for the freezing of funds.

The incident immediately aroused the attention of other banks, for example, it is learned that yusipu group total about 40 million loans in Ningbo banks, loans are divided into four pens, the earliest a maturity for 2013 August, but given the yusipu Group Overseas receipts were frozen, Ningbo banks quickly declared yusipu group all the maturity of the loan.

Lanzhou bank equity is frozen multi

Ningbo bank, Ningbo branch of Huaxia Bank, Shanghai Pudong Development Bank Ningbo branch, Simon China Bank of Ningbo Yinzhou branch also have to faced with major changes, announced that all the maturity of the loan, and in 2014 a quarter of yusipu group filed a lawsuit.

"Preliminary estimates, yusipu group of bank loans in 300 million -4 billion yuan, the rest also includes billions of dollars of private loans." The insider said.

He said, Chinese yusipu group bank is the main lender, has won the most after up to nearly 200 million yuan of credit guarantee, as of now, China banks still have a loan, a credit financing is in the stage of the proceedings.

The reporter learned that yusipu group in order to maximize the amount of financing, even suspected of collateral pledged bulls. Among them, yusipu group has invested in Bank of Lanzhou 44 million shares, then, will be used for this part of the shares of the Ningbo Hongyuan Hotel, China bank long pledge.

In order to pledge as an example, 2013 years ago, yusipu group will stake in the Bank of Lanzhou to the agency bank of China loans, in 2013 June, capital chain on the verge of collapse yusipu group again 10 million shares of Lanzhou bank equity pledge to corporate borrowers in Ningbo Hongyuan Hotel, then borrowed 45 million. But shortly thereafter, Hongyuan hotel is found, there will be other creditors of Lanzhou bank equity freeze.

"Because of the controversy in the collateral, the relevant creditor asset disposal program and uncertainty will increase." The insider said.

In addition, it is understood that the yusipu group in 2011 was also through the issuance of trust Jilin trust plans to raise about 40 million, because the relevant loan default, the current Jilin trust also has been yusipu group to appeal to the court. In June 16th, the reporter called Jilin trust, other stakeholders said that due to the trust plans of listed companies equity pledge, solvency is not a problem.

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