Chevrolet Love CD Europe "planted with" LED lamp group, the United States urgently recall
Source: Date:2018-03-05

Chevrolet AVEO (Love CD Europe) as GM's a global strategic model, which located in the small car market, at present in Europe, North America and Asia and other regions have sales. Recently Netcom road from the United States Agency National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) was informed that, due to the LED lamp group risks of overheating, GM is the United States on the part of the old Chevrolet love only European recall. According to statistics, there are 218 thousand vehicles will be affected.

Chevrolet Chinese said: domestic sales of Love CD Europe for domestic models with different foreign models in the lamp components, not involved in this recall.

According to General Motors announced in the United States, the models involved in the recall of Chevrolet Love CD Europe, model year 2004 to 2008. According to statistics, the recall will have 218 thousand cars involved. The recall plan is expected to start in the near future, GM will contact the owners through distributors, the implementation of free inspection and maintenance.

In the Chinese market Chevrolet Love CD Europe already achieved domestically, love only European models called Chevrolet Aveo generation, has been discontinued. For the domestic sales of the Chevrolet love only European models and the existence of foreign vehicles with similar risks, Netcom agency learned from Shanghai GM Chevrolet official: the domestic market sales of Love CD Europe were domestic models, the overseas edition of the vehicle recall is not the same in parts of the lamp group and involved, so the domestic vehicle does not exist such security risks.

The old Chevrolet Love CD Europe LED lamp group recalled because the risks of overheating. NHTSA said: as part of the old love CD Europe LED lamp group component failure, or will make the lamp group module is located in the vehicle instrument tray long-term accumulation of heat in the heat up to a certain temperature or will cause internal fire and fire.

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