Tall: the Fujian police issued LED shoulder lights night watch
Source: Date:2018-03-05

Somewhere to buy Google glasses chased a patrol, became the focus of attention. Today, Fujian police issued LED shoulder lights night watch, caused a stir.

Since May 15th, Lianjiang County Public Security Bureau of Pukou police station for the night patrol team issued police shoulder lamps. The police on duty wear shoulder to carry out light night patrols, strengthen road public security prevention and control, to the masses more security.

Pukou police station director Moses Chan said that the dark areas are usually criminals to commit crime areas. On the basis of field practice, Pukou police launched a "shoulder light plan", the purchase of police shoulder lights for the police to patrol at night.

The evening of May 15th, police shoulder lamp street patrol police uniform wear. 8 shoulder lights in a row, lit up the dark road, attracted many people's attention. "Shoulder lights from 5 LED lights, soft light, can also be caught in the epaulets. It has two modes of flashing and flashlight. Flashing lights to illuminate 400 meters; flashlight at night can come in handy when recording." Police patiently to ask people to explain. Pukou police station said that the police shoulder lights, alarm, help to further facilitate the masses. The night duty can better protect the police of their own safety, but also can increase the rate of police to effectively deter crime road.

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