LED lights turn red Manicure market shining love
Source: Date:2018-03-05

A lot of beauty are keen to transform other nails. Japan has recently launched a new Manicure technology, beautiful nail stickers, inside the mini LED lights, nail stickers as long as feels the surrounding electromagnetic waves, will automatically light. Let the nail design light flashed, successfully attracted attention.

The beauty of women not only pay attention to appearance and dress, even the nails to the United States and the United States, can not be sloppy, the nail on the nail stick firmly, seemingly ordinary, but inside the hidden mystery, the handle near the mobile phone, immediately flash light nail, Japan launched the latest Manicure technology, the sense coil of radio waves, into the nail stickers, whether to take a mobile phone, or through the magnetic sensor, as long as the induction to radio waves, LED lights in the nail immediately gleaming, new and interesting design, successfully captured the hearts of female consumers.

LED more information, please click on the link: www.cnledw.com or LED Chinese network concern WeChat public account (cnledw2013).

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