Last year Zhongshan Ancient Town lighting infringement cases accounted for nearly 40%
Source: Date:2018-03-05

In January this year, Zhongshan Ancient Town has become the demonstration base of national foreign trade transformation and upgrading, is one of the 6 demonstration bases of the. Here in Zhongshan (lighting) intellectual property rights center quickly for enterprises last year handled more than 500 cases of infringement cases, according to the person in charge, the number of infringement cases accounted for about four percent, mostly from the lighting industry.

21 afternoon, the relevant departments and the leadership of the province's vice governor Zhao Yufang to the town of foreign trade industry demonstration base of transformation and upgrading of research. Zhao Yufang said after visiting the town from the provincial foreign trade transformation and upgrading demonstration base for the national rise, must play an exemplary role in the real, to show real results, technical support and protection of intellectual property rights are very important.

Accompanied by research of Zhongshan mayor Chen Liangxian introduced last year, Zhongshan lighting exports of $more than 900 million, the town Upgrade Demonstration Base in the service of more than 1500 enterprises of foreign trade transformation.

In Qilang lighting, Zhao Yufang asked in detail about the development of the enterprise, when the person in charge of the enterprise is expected there will be 30% of the company's sales growth this year, she expressed full recognition, and then asked them to the customs, inspection and quarantine departments and tax advice. Enterprises responsible person said, in recent years, foreign trade import and export situation is not ideal, can only maintain the scale of growth came mainly from domestic. Zhao Yufang said that the government should as far as possible to reduce the burden on enterprises, good service, and encourage enterprises to develop new markets, by the government to build a platform, to achieve better development.

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