Guangxi Qinzhou LED screen high temperature intolerable, "heat" spontaneous combustion
Source: Date:2018-03-05

And more recently Guangxi days of continuous high temperature, heat generated, hot air. 18, near the Guangxi Qinzhou Commercial Plaza is a large billboard on fire, but fortunately no casualties.

21:11 Qinnan squadron arrived on the scene, from field observation and alarm the masses feedback information that a LED screen circuit inside the commercial plaza across the years Nianfeng smoke burning, but the site has not see the fire, just take a small amount of smoke in the screen around; it cut off the screen after power, firefighters immediately launched on the screen save water cooling.

Unable to contact to screen the person in charge, to prevent the deterioration of the accident, the fire brigade deployed 54 m ladder trucks and rescue vehicles to the reinforcements. After nearly 30 minutes of cooling water, smoke gradually dispersed, until no longer from the screen to smoke, firefighters evacuated slowly.

Fire departments to remind: more recently Guangxi days of continuous high temperature, heat generated, hot air, home appliances do not need to pay attention to the use of long time, high temperature wire leading to spontaneous combustion fire, placed in the positions of the electric appliances should pay attention to ventilation.

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