The Buddha light shines: new Japan Yakushiji LED lighting
Source: Date:2018-03-05

Nara City, Japan takabata Yakushiji recently introduced new town hall can simulate the LED lighting system to reproduce the effect of sunlight. In the past, the Buddha projection under fluorescent lamp can not be noticed, clearly in front of visitors in the new lighting system, the atmosphere is more sacred, many worshippers are also greatly praised.

The introduction of LED lighting, the main hall of the Buddha has been irradiated by fluorescent lamp. In addition, during the day there will be strong sunlight from out of the west gate to shine into the hall, but also by the evening sun, blown into the wind. In view of the temple Abbot set said that the Buddha was perennial so very serious injury. Therefore, the design and construction of the company in February Momoka introduced the agency responsible for production lighting LED lighting system. Considering the worshipers to natural sunlight to the Buddha, so in front of a statue of Buddha, each back and head were set up three point lighting. In order to suffer from Buddha worshipers in the import and export of exposed to the weather, but also opened the black curtain for shelter.

The construction was completed at the end of March, after the completion of the whole while the dark, but the Buddha's details and textures than ever can be clearly presented in front of the worshipers. Not only the temple of Lord Buddha of medicine "Nu Zheng eyes and full lips, the Twelve Gods back details are clearly visible, the worshipers" seems to be praised itself as the glory of the buddha". Momoka said: "because of the dark, whispering statues solemn worshipers less, visiting etiquette has been greatly improved".

Is located in Nara City, the new Yakushiji takabata CHO, is queen of light in order to make her husband get rid of the disease built in 747 years. As of eighth Century the main temple building in Japan only, it enshrines the Japanese era in Nara handed down treasures, is Japan's largest and oldest recovered twelve futsuki God statue. LED more information, please pay attention to Chinese LED network's official website or WeChat public account (cnledw2013).

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