Taiwan labor disputes again, LED employees took to the streets to protest for severance
Source: Date:2018-03-05

Taiwan LED China factory company, originally located in Taoyuan Dasi plant, moved to Hsinchu Hukou. There are more than twenty employees because of family factors, can not cope with the relocation, but the company is not willing to put forward severance package, several mediation fails, today they to the group company and the Ministry of labor protest, employers can hope to show sincerity, pay attention to labor rights.

Has been in China on the photoelectric Taoyuan Dasi plant 14 years Ms. Xie said, more than 10 years, no overtime pay cuts, unpaid leave, do my best to cooperate with the company, long-term work in the production line, the body and vision are also a problem, but for the company to work, then the company decided to move to Hsinchu in order to factory, family she was unable to cooperate, but the company does not provide severance package, not embarked on street protests.

Arima spokesman Huang Wenyi said, Daxi factory at the end of the lease, the landlord refused to renew, it must be moved to Hsinchu Hukou factory. The company moved a factory still in accordance with the five principles for the Ministry of labor transfer, in addition to providing traffic outside the car, also give the traffic allowance, because the commute extra time the company will absorb. Also, because the company is still unable to sign before the demand, retrenchment reason laid-off workers, there are still more than 20 employees to mobilize, and will continue to communicate. In addition, Arima said that the labor contract is not recorded work, only 1 employees of the contract because of the long time can't find.

Department of labor relations secretary Wang Houwei said that the mobilization of labour must be necessary for business, and the adverse change of labor conditions cannot, employers should also provide the necessary traffic assistance, ask the Taoyuan County Bureau of labor and continue to support the employers and employees to communicate.

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