Spell power! Around the city to actively build LED
Source: Date:2018-03-05

Taiwan Hsinchu mayor Xu Mingcai said that Hsinchu will be completed at the end of this year three year 20 thousand LED street lamp replacement, Taiwan has become the first city, the world's twenty-fifth LED, the annual savings of about 20 million yuan (NT, the same below) of electricity.

Hubei Zhicheng Yangtze River bridge LED street lamp replacement

The network should be urban street management power company construction workers in Zhicheng Yangtze River bridge streetlight system replacement transformation.

It is reported that this is the Zhicheng from Yangtze River bridge was opened to traffic in 1971 for the first time in 43 years to replace the lamp. According to the Zhicheng Yangtze River bridge street lamp management is responsible for the construction of the person in charge of Zhicheng Yangtze River bridge new 110 lights all use LED lighting advanced, not only a wide range of illumination, and brightness than before more than doubled, longer service life, more power. The official also introduced, then the control switch and the lighting system of these street test, ensure the successful completion of the opening end of the month in Zhicheng Yangtze River bridge.

Zhicheng Yangtze River bridge is the second in Wuhan, after Nanjing Yangtze River Bridge Third Yangtze River Tianxinzhou bridge, but also on the Yangtze River fourth bridge. The bridge of railway and highway are located in a deck, Jiaozhitielu is through the Hubei Yichang south of the throat of Guangzhou.

Spell power! North 180 thousand street lights will change

Taiwan New Taipei City last year to replace more than 42 thousand street lamps, saving about 46000000 yuan, the second half of this year will be "energy-saving lamps", 1 years will have 180 thousand high voltage sodium lamp and mercury lamp, all replaced by energy-saving lamps.

The city estimates that electricity can save nearly half of the city's street lamps, street lamp electricity and maintenance costs also return to support workers at unified management.

New Taipei city raises industry director Lin Maosheng said that the past 100 thousand, 110 thousand street lamp mercury lamp high voltage sodium lamp New Taipei City, energy consumption is not environmental protection, and LED energy saving lamps prices are high, but the service life is long, compared with the traditional street lamp can save 50% to 65% NEW Taipei City in 2012 by the Bureau of energy subsidies last year. In May 21 42 thousand and 92 for energy-saving lamp mercury vapor lamp, 1 years to save 46 million 130 thousand yuan electricity.

The first half of this year under the New Taipei city to promote the "energy-saving lamps", next year for 6 consecutive years, the annual budgeting Budget of 340 million yuan, 29 will be divided into 2 regions 2 companies bidding, bid the proposed replacement program, 1 years of domestic demand to replace the remaining 180 thousand lights the traditional street lamp, energy-saving lamps and is responsible for the following 5 years of maintenance. Is expected next month contract, the fastest start in August 1st.

Lin Maosheng pointed out that the bidder will cooperate with the environment surrounding roads, installed energy-saving lamps with 200 Watt or 400 Watt brightness different, completed before January next year half of energy-saving lamps to replace the second half of the year, after all, the city street lamp electricity can be reduced from 1 billion 800 million yuan to 960 million yuan, saving nearly half.

In the past the New Taipei City street lamp electricity and maintenance costs by 29, area of the respective district office budget responsibility, for outsourcing vendors, maintenance efficiency and quality management have gap, comprehensive replacement of energy-saving lamps, the unity of the district is responsible for vascular manufacturers, electricity and maintenance costs also return to keep the industry management office when the lights, when a problem occurs, more efficient processing.

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