Lighting design features of the hall outside the entrance of the station
Source: Date:2017-03-28

In the new station, the line is a leap, and the station can be seen on the bridge. Such stations in the connecting lines on both sides of the communication channel, free access to the entrance of the ticket, ticket office, waiting room and commercial facilities, etc., they play an important role in connecting the station facilities. In addition, it can be seen that the station has become part of the street landscape.

Hope that lighting can create a characteristic space with light. The building itself is open, during the day to make full use of natural light in the form of more buildings, hope that the lighting can make the whole station has a bright atmosphere, and less glare, good uniformity. In the case of natural light, the utility model can be used to adjust the lighting lamp, and the lamp can be adjusted automatically according to the brightness of the natural light. In the evening and indirect lighting and so on to give people a sense of brightness at the same time, to ensure that the necessary lighting examples are also. In the vending machine equipped with a place to ensure that the lighting should be able to see the price display, and the use of their own shadow will not block the operation button. According to the scale of the station, when the use of large space, waiting room, etc., can be used to set up the HID light source, as well as the identification of the lighting and other methods to do the column lamp. In the case of high lighting, the building should be provided with a safety channel, or the use of lifting devices, such as lamps and lanterns, in order to facilitate maintenance.

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