Technical measures to realize green lighting
Source: Date:2017-03-28

The lighting process is a complex physical, physiological and psychological process, the first is to illuminate the object; second, the human eye is the visual effect of the object. The efficiency of the whole process of lighting the level of relations as shown in figure. In order to meet the requirements of lighting and lighting quality, the green lighting is to reduce the power consumption and improve the total efficiency of the lighting system. There are many methods to realize green lighting technology, the technology of energy saving and environmental protection in addition to the choice of light source known outside, also including the selection of suitable lighting, electrical accessories, equipment, reasonable design, suitable for lighting lighting standards and lighting control system, regular maintenance and make full use of natural light, using a new type of optical material etc.. Green lighting technology is not defined and the definition of absolute, but in comparison, all to meet the lighting requirements of the same, do anything to improve overall efficiency, good environment, good lighting system category visual health measures are the green lighting technology.

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