Lighting engineering design to engineering construction as the service object
Source: Date:2017-03-28

The task of lighting engineering design is to implement the national basic construction policy and technical and economic policy in the construction of the project, and to make the design which is practical, safe and practical, and has a good economic benefit. Lighting engineering construction is the service object of lighting engineering design. Industrial and civil construction project is a variety of construction, construction, production and life of a variety of equipment, facilities and pipelines, water supply and drainage measures, air conditioning and ventilation machinery and other components. The electrical system engineering is composed of various electrical equipment although this electrical equipment has a thousand million, but from the construction project within the space effect can be divided into: (1) the duty of equipment in the building will occupy a certain space, a variety of power distribution and control, protection, measurement and use all kinds of electric equipment, such as transformer, distribution board, illumination box, motor control cabinet, etc.. They all occupy a certain space, the function is concentrated, the characteristic is exposed to move frequently. (2) extension equipment refers to the vertical and horizontal, up and down through the various building sites widely extended to various lines and various electrical equipment and information terminals, cable, pipe rack, and the wireless channel, such as buried power cables, insulated wire in PvC tube, optical fiber and information socket etc.. They take up less space and have the characteristics of concealment and high failure rate. Electrical engineering design is in accordance with the above requirements, according to their own characteristics, reasonable layout and deployment of them to carry out the various functions described in section second, to meet the needs of the design.

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