What is the difference between the sun and the sun?
Source: Date:2017-03-28

Sunlight is a gift of nature, and how to use it scientifically and reasonably is the first consideration in indoor and outdoor light environment. But affected by natural weather. The sunlight is unstable and can not meet the basic needs of human life. Solar light is another way to get the sun. With the development of solar lighting technology, the development prospects of solar lamps are constantly showing. The utility model is composed of a solar cell (crystal silicon cell board), a storage battery, a controller (photosensitive sensor), a luminous body (LED bulb, a high efficiency energy-saving lamp). The solar cell is composed of high efficiency crystalline silicon plate is packaged. The surface of a solar panel is made up of two different parts. When the solar panel is illuminated by light, it is possible to convert light energy into electrical energy so that the current flows from one side to the other. Solar electric floor as long as the sun or light exposure can generally be issued equivalent to the received light energy 1/10. In order to make solar panels to minimize light reflection, converting solar energy into electric energy, which are generally in the above a layer to prevent light reflection film, so the surface of the solar panel is purple.

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